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31 Day Challenge – Restoration

31 Day Challenge – Restoration

I love to periodically challenge myself to creating and posting daily for a 31 day period.  Yesterday I spent some time pondering if August would be a “challenge” month for me.  This morning (it’s never too late) I decided to take 31 days to focus on Restoration.  My recent time away at a church camp meeting was a time for reflection.  One life issue kept poking up and refused to be quieted and set on the shelf as I normally do.  Funny how God answers those whispered half-prayers through any avenue possible.

In the bathroom (of all places) at this spiritual retreat special verses and such were taped to the inside of the stalls.  I (creature of habit) would generally use the same stall and the same verse was there nearly all week…until Thursday that is….and then this showed up.  I have been struggling with one relationship that seems to be in turmoil more often than not and POW!  This card shows up.

So, after the 10 day retreat is over and I’m home and back into my regular routine it seems like a perfect time to start a 31 day period focusing on restoration.

Each day I will take a verse or thought on this topic and create an art journal page or hand letter a margin in my journaling bible.

What about you?  Won’t you join me in the month of August 31 days of focus is transformative.  I’d love to hear about your journey.