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Encaustic & Mixed Media Visiting Instructors


We have 2 more visiting/special guest instructors before I shut the studio for 2 months and re-model/re-group/re-fresh.

Please note:  There are minimum registrations required to hold classes with guest teachers.  PLEASE do not wait to register, your hesitation may result in a cancelled class!

  1. Naomi Haskell – Encaustic Painting Workshop:nh1
    Encaustic uses wax, heat, and pigment to create a work of art or as a varnish. The term is derived from the Greek enkaustikos, to “burn in”. Encaustic refers to both the medium and the process. During this class we will discuss the equipemtn and tools required, managing the heating palete tempertaure and the various supports and materials you can use. I will show you how to use the medium, starting by prepping your board, applying the wax and paint, scraping to discover the layers of colorful wax, carving to define shapes, fun textures, taping for line and design and how to use various papers within this beautiful medium.
    This is a three-hour class, with plenty of hands on practice for $66 (early registration), material included.

    Encaustic is the most beautiful of all artists’ medium. Because of its nature, however, you have to be willing to relinquish some element of control. The wax has a mind of it’s own, we can only learn to guide and manipulate it.

    Whether you’re just starting out with encaustic painting or have been painting with this medium for years, my hope is that you pass on what you have learned. As our collective knowledge of this exciting medium expands, we all become its gurus and heralds.

    Click here to register for Thursday Night, April 27th from 6-9pm
    Click here to register for Sunday Morning, May 7th from 10am-1pm

  2. Nicole Austin – Abstract Collage Backgrounds & Luscious Layered Portraits
    Abstract Collage Backgrounds:  “In this class, we will create messy, complex, abstract backgrounds using a variety of materials and techniques. These finished pieces can stand alone as abstract works of art, or we can further add to them using our favorite quotes or images. We will start with a blank page in our art journals and add colorful marks with oil pastels, pencil, spray inks, stamps and watercolor. The second layer involves collage (using unique paper that we will create in the beginning of class as an exercise to loosen up our creative side!), and more marks with acrylic paint pens. A final layer (if you choose to complete in class–some might want to make several backgrounds to use as inspiration for later) might include adding an inspirational quote, “word of the year”, a photo, collage or stenciled image. We will also explore how to work with pages in our journals where we feel “stuck” or feel like the page just isn’t “working.” In fact, if you have a journal you are already working in, or using to clean off brushes or extra paint, even better! I love to start with a page that already has random marks, and paint, so if you want, you can do a little “homework” and come to class with a few pages already started! But no worries, I will also be demonstrating how to start from scratch and conquer the fear of the blank page.”
    Click here to register for Friday, April 28 – 10am-3pm

    Luscious Layered Portraits: “I love to play with a variety of media in my art journal to build up beautiful, colorful, complex layers using oil pastels, watercolor, stencils, acrylic paint pens, and spray inks. These could easily be called finished works of art and left alone–but why stop there? I like to use these lusciously layered backgrounds as a backdrop to my portraits. I love the way the layers peek through each face, telling a unique story. In this class, I will show you how I create my own unique collage papers using a very simple set of art supplies and build layers in our journals with those same techniques. We will explore how the different media work together to create different effects (resist with oil pastels and watercolor/spray inks, stenciling techniques, how to layer collage, etc) and we will be working on multiple surfaces to keep our creative momentum going (basically, we’re going to spread out and get messy!). The last layer will be drawing the face and shading with oil paintsticks to create dimension. This is where we will play with transparency as we allow some previous layers to “peek” through the face. We will focus on ways to make our portraits come alive. And no drawing experience necessary! The faces will be very simple and raw but the results are dramatic!”
    Click here to register for Sunday, April 30 – 10am-3pm