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Recap 2016 – Day 15


Today marks the final day of guest teacher recaps as well as the final day of 2016.

We finished the year with the lovely Kristen Robinson.

Coincidentally we have also covered Kristen’s book for book club.

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It is always a pleasure to have her at A Work of Heart.

Thank you for following along for the month of December starting with our “Final 16” countdown with lots of great deals in our ETSY shop… and finishing up with this “Recap 2016”

I look forward to our guest instructors coming in 2017.

Nat Kalbach

Jan 24 – Walk with Me
Jan 24 – Play/Transform
Jan 25 – Artvergnugen

Riki Schumacher
Jan 22


Mindy Lacefield

Feb 5 – Portraits

Feb 6 – Paint your Dreams

Annie O’Brien-Gonzalez

Expressive Mixed Media Florals
Feb 19

Juicy Soul Retreat
Feb 26


Junelle Jacobson

Mar 19 Rooted & Grounded in Love

Mar 20 Favorite Things


Danielle Donaldson
TBD Apr 9


TBD May7


Juicy Soul Retreat
June 11


Juicy Soul Retreat
Oct 15


Dina Wakley

Carrie Schmitt

Who else should we work on getting for 2017?


3 New Book Clubs Starting


As I’ve posted before, Book Clubs are a very popular offering at A Work of Heart.  This is an  atypical “book club” in that we actually DO the projects in the book rather than just reading and discussing.  The community of makers that come together for the series is truly magical.  Each time a book comes to an end everyone is anxious to start the next.  That is exactly where we are today…it isn’t too late for you to jump on board for this next adventure…actually, its never too late since each session is stand alone.

First up is Tuesday Mornings from 10am-12pm

We have been working out of “Exploring Mixed Media Collage” by Ruth Rae and Kristen Robinson.
Each week we have adapted the projects so they can fit in an art journal.  We’ve enjoyed the book so much the majority requested we do some of the more dimensional projects.

April 28 – Birds Nest -p112
May 5 – Bright Star -p97
May 12 – Our House -p57
May 19 – Flight -p119
May 26 – My Sacred Heart -p122

Each Session is $30 and all supplies are included.


Thursday Mornings from 10am-12pm

We have most recently completed Dina Wakley’s book Art Journal Freedom that covers art principles.  We will continue exploring art principles with Pam Carriker’s “Creating Art at the Speed of Life”.  What I appreciate most about Pam’s approach in this book is that she encourages us to analyze our artwork to learn and grow and become better artists.  This is a quick 4 week study through all 7 principles.

April 30 – Exploring the element of color by doing the exercises on page 11. “Color Wheeling” and page 22. “One Color at a Time”
May 7 – Exploring the Element of Texture with the exercise “Under Wraps” on page 36. We will also work on Exploring the Element of Shape with the exercise “Ephemeral Matters” on page 64
May 14 – Exploring Visual Perspective with “Positively Negative” on page 86. We will also work on Exploring the Element of Form with “Word Search” on page 104
May 12 –  Exploring the Element of Line with “Grand Gesture” on page 128. We will also be Exploring the Element of Light & Dark with “At Face Value”

Again, each session is $30 if you pre-register ($35 for late registration)


Thursday nights from 6-8pm we will be covering 4 Mixed-Media projects from Pam’s earlier book “Art at the Speed of Life”…I know it looks and sounds JUST LIKE the book we are covering Thursday mornings and that is confusing…HOWEVER, it is NOT at all the same book.

April 30 – page 15, Redefining the Blank Canvas by artist Christi Hydeck
May 7 – page 57, Papier Mache Dresses Collage by artist Sue Pelletier
May 14 – page 75, Encaustic Encounter Collage
May 21 –  page 101, Assembled Anthology inspired by artist Seth Apter

Again, this is a quick 4 week journey through the book.  All supplies included for $30 pre-registration ($35 late registration)

I do hope you will join us for this creative quest whether it is for the entire series or single sessions, these 13 classes are sure to educate and inspire you in your art making.



New Book Club starting in March


Book Description

Collage Inspiration, Ideas and New Techniques!

Inside Explore Mixed Media Collage, authors Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae transform timeless and classic techniques into fresh, trendy artwork. You will learn not only which techniques to use and how to best combine them, but you’ll also follow along with tons of easy step-by-step demonstrations along the way.

  • 20+ deconstructed projects to inspire your very own collage-making
  • Showcasing 32 timeless and classic techniques with modern twists from creating your own personal stamps and stencils to creating dimensional objects with plaster wrap and more
  • Three powerful sections that build off one another, starting with basic techniques, moving into step-by-step projects, and ending with a fantastic idea-generating collage gallery

We will be covering 7 of the projects in the book

1. Bounty of Secrets – Pg. 44 (March 3, 10am) (March 3, 6:30pm)
2. Winter’s Whisper – Pg. 50 (March 10, 10am) (March 10, 6:30pm)
3. Song in my Heart – Pg. 60 (March 17, 10am) (March 17, 6:30pm)
4. Heart of Home – Pg. 76 (March 24, 10am) (March 24, 6:30pm)
5. Joyful Hearts – Pg. 80 (March 31, 10am) (March 31, 6:30pm)
6. French Historian – Pg. 84 (April 7, 10am) (April 7, 6:30pm)
7. Sweet Heart – Pg. 92 (April 14, 10am) (April 14, 6:30pm)

I’ve chosen these projects due to the fact that they can be easily adapted to be created on an art journal page. We will create the pages on watercolor paper

Click here to Sign up for all 7 sessions
(discounted 10% off individual session price)

 $189 for 7 Sessions
Tuesday Mornings 10am – 12pm OR Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm – 12:30pm
March 3 – April 14, 2015