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Periscope Anyone?

Periscope Anyone?

I’m just getting my feet wet with Periscope.  Don’t know what that is?


well, I’ll tell you what it is not…”an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.”

(that was the first thing that came up when I googled “what is periscope?”)

This is what it is: Simply put, Periscope enables you to “go live” via your mobile device anytime and anywhere. The app enables you to become your own “on the go” broadcasting station, streaming video and audio to any viewers who join your broadcast.

Lots of my artist friends are jumping in and using it.  What I like most about it is that it is raw, unedited video..what you see is what you get.   It is also somewhat temporary.  The broadcast is available for replay for 24 hours.

This morning in the Painted Blossoms Book Club I started a broadcast and was tickled when one of my student’s phones gave the alert that a broadcast was starting.

I plan to do more broadcasts in the new year following my “Artful Life Calendar Journal” progress but until then I try to “scope” here and there to work out all the kinks.  Follow me by searching for Andrea Chebeleu or Aworkofheart.  Julie Valentine (my co-facilitator of the Juicy Soul Retreat) is also on Periscope as @thereddragonfly

We will be periodically broadcasting live this Sunday as we lead the final 2015 Juicy Soul Retreat (from 11am-5pm PST)

Interested in joining us in person for this full day Art Journaling immersion?  Space is limited to 12 and there is (as of Tuesday night) still room available.

10/04/2015 $120
Juicy Soul Retreat
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Juicy Soul Alumni Event


JSR Alumni Event
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Have you attended a Juicy Soul Retreat in the past at A Work of Heart? This event is JUST FOR YOU!! Come and reconnect with your previous classmates. Practice in your art journal…re-ignite that passion…get painty AND happy.

If you haven’t attended a JSR in the past..check out the upcoming retreat and consider signing up for it then you’ll be eligible to attend our Alumni Events in the future!

This is not a structured teaching time but an open studio time with all the normal studio supplies available. Julie & Andrea will be working in their journals and will have the journals they are currently “living in” available for inspiration.

Countdown to Juicy Soul Retreat – Day 3



I’m going to take today’s count down prompt to not only highlight inspiring art journal pages but 3 of my favorite artist’s art journal pages.

1. Stephanie Ackerman – She is not only a lovely spirit filled woman but a talented artist and someone I am honored to call friend.

by Stephanie Ackerman of homegrownhospitality.typepad.com

2. Tracie Bautista – I’ve been inspired by her style since I became aware of art journaling 8 years ago.  She is a local (Northern California) girl.  She was my first art journaling teacher.  She has played a huge role in my style being what it is today.

3. Donna Downey – An artist I greatly admire for her artistic ability as well as business sense.

What about you…who inspires you?  Care to share some of their art journal pages?  Tag them in a post with #countdownjsr

Countdown to JSR-Day 1

Countdown to JSR-Day 1



Today is the start of our 5 day countdown to the May 17th Juicy Soul Retreat (which has 3 spots left by the way)

Today the challenge is to show 1 thing you would like to try in your art journal.  I’ve been fascinated with gouache resist for some time now.  There is a lovely project in Pam Carriker’s latest book “Mixed Media Portraits” and I found this lovely example from Martha Lever’s blog.  What do you think?  Is this a technique you’d like to try?

Countdown to JSR



It is time for our 5 day countdown for the upcoming Juicy Soul Retreat

Tuesday, May 12 – One thing you want to try in your art journal

Wednesday, May 13 – Two Painty Hands

Thursday, May 14 – Three art journal pages that inspire you (yours or other artist’s)

Friday, May 15 – Four MUST HAVE art supplies

Saturday, May 16 – Five words that inspire you

Use #countdownJSR on your posts to play along at home on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll enter you into a drawing at the retreat for a special gift. (even if you aren’t there!)

Juicy Soul Retreat – Just 2 Weeks Away!


Have you signed up yet?  Space is limited for this “spa day for your soul.”

Each session is formatted the same yet participant after participant all concur that they get “something different” out of each session.  Julie and I love sharing our journals and the process/techniques that we have been using most recently in our journals.

We are often asked “What do you ‘do’ with a finished journal page?”

Here are 10 ideas…Start by scanning, photographing or photocopying your page.

1. Create framed art
2. Make Cards
3. Create a bunting
4. Make Tags
5. Make Envelopes
6. Scan & make Fabric
7. Upload your designs to Society 6 and make anything!
8. Create wrapping paper for small packages
9. Make Digital artwork for blogs, etc. (our logo for the retreat is a perfect example of this!)
10. Make collage sheets for jewelry

Here are some sweet buttons I made with a scanned journal page in the background.  Comment on this post and I’ll do a drawing at the retreat and send you a free button!

Featured Image -- 3640


Juicy Soul Retreat

Sunday, May 17, 11am-5pm

Click to Register