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Tutorial #8 Image Transfer to Fabric (Lavender Sachet)


I’m nearly half way through with documenting the Make & Take Center in the studio.

Enjoy another tutorial.  This one is image transfer to fabric using the Chartpak Blender pen.


yesterday, today and tomorrow..


Whew! Yesterday was a total blast with painty hands and painting friends.

The make-and-take was AWESOME…I was so busy I didn’t get any photos taken in the process…here is the aftermath…


We made hand stained papers (inspired by traci bautista’s methods) and folded them into a mini book (as seen in the foreground of this picture) The bonus was everyone left with some dyed paper towels to use in other art as well.


and of course Traci was here painting and hanging out. It is so cool watching her creative process. Darci dove in and painted along with Traci…darci

And here are some of the works in progress from Traci.


So I come in to the studio today and the energy is still buzzing with all the creativity from the past few days…do you think I could sit down at the computer and do anything that “needed” to be done? No, of course not…I gave myself permission to create…I prepared some samples for Thursday night’s class. We are working out of Laurie Mika’s book Mixed Media Mosaics and doing Image transfer Pendants and tiles. Here are some samples I made today…love love love them if I do say so myself…can’t wait to paint on them and add a glaze. I just discovered a product called fluxe…you end up with a resin like finish. It melts in the oven…very easy to use.


The piece in the foreground has this fluxe on it though it is hard to see. All of these are color image transfers onto white polymer clay. Too much fun! Can’t wait to incorporate them into a mosaic.

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t yesterday, today and TOMORROW..but yesterday, today and THURSDAY.

And as an added bonus…Linda Lubovich, friend of the studio and one of the new teachers, came in yesterday and taught a private class to Hannah because she can’t make it to the purse class on Sunday. Here are a couple of shots. It was heartwarming watching them work together and the result was d-a-r-l-i-n-g!! (there are still a few spaces left in Sunday’s class…click here to register)


hannahs purse

Happy student loving her purse. Totally Her Style!!

And to be totally random and out of order…here are some awesome pictures from the incredible Juicy Soul Retreat on Sunday (day before yesterday)





Alums Val and Beth

Alums Val and Beth

The Lovely Ms. Valentine

The Lovely Ms. Valentine



Maybe Terri Thayer's hands?

Maybe Terri Thayer's hands?

and After

and After

The day was incredible…The ladies were lovely…what joy I am blessed with!

Monday Oct 12 – Traci Bautista in the house…



Traci will be here from 4:30-7pm on Monday, October 12th. She is going to be hanging out, visiting and painting. Stop by to say hi! Our Free Monday Make & Take (from 3p-7p) will be painting a piece of paper and folding it into a darling mini book. Want to sit and paint for a while? Use some studio time to paint with Traci. Reserve your spot here…seats are limited.

Tuesday 3:30-4:30p: Kid’s Club – Boo! or Fall Banner


Tuesday 6pm: Altered Mirror

This is the last time this year that this class will be offered. Jump on it or order a kit by calling the studio (408.266.1005)


Tuesday 7:30p: Printmaking+Mixed Media – Gelatin Monoprints

We had a great time last week with basic monoprints, this week we’re kicking it up a notch. Mark your calendar for Dorit Elisha’s all day workshop on November 1st. Click here for more info.


Wednesday 10am-2pm: Craft Rave Daytime

Come and spend some time working on whatever project you like. This is self-directed studio time but I’ll be here to help you with any questions you have.


Wednesday 6p: Copper Pumpkin
This makes an awesome holiday decoration for your front door or inside your house. The finished piece measures 12×18. Add your choice of patina finishes. I’ll show you how to use all the 10 Seconds Studio texture tools and plates. You will mount the textured copper piece on to a pre-cut pumpkin shaped board. Add a copper wire hanger and voila! Fall art.


Wednesday 7:30p: Scrapbook Studio
Gwen and I are getting lonely, don’t you want to join us and get some scrapbooking done? Is this not enough time for you? Come as early as you like and simply pay the hourly studio fee. Last week we broke out of the box and painted some scrapbook paper. Check out the results…


Thursday 6p:  Charm School – Soldered Charms
This is our basic soldering class but focusing on making charms.  Come and learn a new skill, or improve your soldering techniques.


Thursday 7:30p:  Image Transfer to Polymer Clay
We’re making polymer clay pendants & tiles with images transfered to the surface.


Friday 6p:  Prayer or Wish Journal
Pick out pretty papers, die cut (on our machine) your pages, assemble and you have an 8 tabbed journal for yourself or for a gift.  This is a quick and easy project.  You may want more than one!


Sunday 12p:  Make it Your Style Purse
Linda Lubovich teaches you to make this darling purse.

Sunday 3-5p: FREE Kid’s Mask Making workshop
Dori Duncan, Camp Fashionista, will be on-site offering a free mask making workshop for kids (or kids at heart)


Hope to see you in the studio soon!  I totally appreciate your support in helping keep this place open.  Thank you for being part of the community.


New July Classes


I’ve added a few twists on some techniques we’ve taught before and some outright new classes to the July lineup.  This is just a sampling of the classes offered….

Check these out…


I call this class “Transfer Tiles”  Taking an image you transfer onto a 4×4 tile using caulking as your transfer medium, you then cover the tile with epoxy resin. Click here to register for class.



This is a hand embossed piece using the Ten Seconds Studio tools and texture plates.  You can turn your piece into a book cover, cover a cigar box or use it as a stand alone piece of art.  Click here to register.

And…a new take on an old technique


This class is titled:  Soldering 101 and Beyond.  If you have experience with a soldering tool then take it to the next level by working with different materials as you tape up game tiles, sea glass, buttons and more.  Make your own charms for a bracelet or chunky pieces for artful jewelry.  Click here to register

The Metal Sampler class has a new look…


Working on copper and using embossing plates and the die cut machine you will crank this piece of art out (literally)  Using a solution you will add an instant patina to the copper.  Click here to register.

Making a re-apperance…


The altered art apron…What fun we have with an old pair of overalls.  Make your own art apron..Click here to register.

When Lisa Guerin was here in June we were totally inspired by her art!  We’ve taken her butterfly pendants and added our saucy pinup girls to larger than life book plates to make these…


click here to register.

One of the questions I get all the time about previous book club sessions…”Are you teaching that again?”


so here are some of the favorite techniques from the Artist Trading Card workshop and Paper Transformed…this photo shows just a sampling…we’ll have lots more to show you…Click here to register.

And, there is more to come…..I’ve got more work to do to get some samples for pictures…stay tuned…

And a sincere thank you for supporting A Work of Heart Studio.  It means the world to me that you continue to come in and take classes.  That is how I pay my overhead.  I know Christina appreciates your store purchases as that is what pays her overhead for Scrap Lovers.  We both appreciate your continued support that helps us keep our respective doors open.

Have a great week!!