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Giftmaker Faire 2017

Giftmaker Faire 2017

I prefer handmade gifts to just about any store bought item every time.  The gift of time is the most precious and when someone takes their precious moments and chooses to spend them making something for me…well, it really is the best sort of gift.

Giftmaker Faire is something I started about 5 years ago.  I used to host handmade holiday boutiques where local artists could bring in their handmade items and sell them.. I found them to be a lot of work on my part (all the arranging, advertising, blah blah blah) with moderate to low return.  One year I decided to have a “booth” where you could come and make a simple gift in addition to purchasing the artist’s work and the response was so positive.  The following year I started just hosting the giftmaker part rather than the pre-made (though I would still consider pop-up “booths” with local artist’s selling their items..hit me up if you are interested)

So, that is my long-winded way of explaining how Giftmaker Faire came to be.

Each year I have chosen projects that can easily be made without lots of hand holding instruction.  I set out the tools and supplies you need in stations around the studio and you can come in and make till your heart is content.  If you want to spend all your time at one station and make a dozen ornaments (for example) you are welcome to, if you want to hop from station to station and make a sampling of everything, that is fine too!  You pay for your studio time ($10/hour) plus a minimal fee for each project completed (starting at $2)

Here is our line-up at this moment (I always add more at the last minute..I just can’t help myself…so many ideas!)

Scroll all the way through for registration options.

  1. Woodslice Chalkboard Ornaments (photo cred. pinterest/etsy)
  2. Barnwood Budvase 
  3. Infused Syrup or Vanilla 
  4. Hand-Poured Candle with Art 
  5. Stenciled & Stamped Messenger Bag 
  6. Triple Strand Bracelet 
  7. Collaged Ornament 
  8. Scrabble Tile Coaster 
  9. Sugar Scrub  or Lip Balm   


Click here to view the times available in December.


Giftmaker Fair..the remaining 1


This Sunday from 2-6pm is our last official Giftmaker Fair of the 2015 season.  Giftmaker is a time to come and pick from one of the prepared projects we have for you.  You can make 1 or more of each item and simply pay per item you make (plus the cover charge)

Pre-registration is required so please don’t wait to sign up.  We will close registration on Saturday so I can be fully prepared on Sunday.

Click here to register.


1. Embellished Apron ($18) (shown above)
2. Sewing Kit in Jar ($8) (shown above)
3. Sugar Scrub ($6) (1 version shown above with “joy” on burlap)

4. Stitched Heart Fabric Ornament ($5) (1 version shown above)
5. Glittered J-O-Y Banner ($6) HOPE or LOVE available too ($8)


6. Lipgloss Sample Pack ($12) (shown above) Open stock 1 oz tins $3 ea
7. Rosette Gift Box ($3)

8. Earrings($2-$7 per pr) in Giftbox ($1)

9. Triple Wrap Rhinestone/Leather/Bead Bracelet ($18)

11. Collaged Mug ($12)

12. Canvas Collage with Glittered Letter ($12)


13. Thank you(or other greeting) Tags with envelopes ($8)



Final Gift Maker Fair of the year


This is the 3rd year we have hosted a Gift Maker Fair.  The idea behind it is simple, we all want to gift “handmade” whenever possible.  A Work of Heart is all about handmade…This event is the perfect time for you to come in create projects we have prepared for you.  Each kit contains everything you need (minus some of the studio supplies like glue, paint and such) to create delightful handmade gifts.  The best part is that none of them scream “Christmas” so you can stock up on handmade hostess gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts etc…  It is our desire to take some of the stress out of your desire to give handmade gifts.

This year is one of the best so far. … Check out the items we have available for you to make on Saturday night, November 15 from 6-10pm.


Lavender Sugar Scrub ($6 ea)

We have 6 colors of chalk paint for you to pick from.


Succulent Jar ($4 ea)

Lots of varieties to pick from.


Vintage Lace Pendant ($7 ea)

Tons of words for you to select from


Rhinestone Bangle ($8 ea)

Extra brass bangles $2 ea…this looks great with a couple extras.


Collaged Glass Ornament ($5 ea)

You can add a word or even a date to this sweet ornament…the heart is just an option…there are other options available like holly leaves, fleur de lis or Christmas tree.


Vintage Glass Glittered Ornament ($4 ea)

This sweet ornament comes with a glass bead and vintage chandelier crystal.  We have hearts or birds available.  There are also a limited number of reindeer available.


Rosette Gift Box ($4 ea)

Two different box styles to pick from….perfect for placing your handmade gifts in.  A gift in and of itself.


(10) Collaged “Thank You” tags with envelopes.  ($8)

Any greeting you can imagine is available.  Who doesn’t need a stash of these on hand?


These are all I am offering and Lexi has a bunch of beauties too!


Leather Key Fob $5
Leather Cuff $5
Stitched Brooch $10
Lace & Felt Winter Banner $10
Matchbox Gift Box $1
Click here to reserve your space.

Gift Maker Fair 2014


It is that season again!  Time for Gift Maker Fair and all things handmade.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the projects lined up for you.

Cause you can never have too many thank you notes on hand…what a nice gift a packet of 10 of these would be!

These canvas zipper pouches are awesome and can carry a ton of stuff!  You can customize them by stamping whatever words you like in whatever color paint you like!

Use our button maker and turn a bit of stitched linen burlap into a pin to adorn gifts or accessorize holiday outfits.  You pick from a variety of designs.

Take a bit of paper, a bit of twine and create these beautiful ornaments inspired by the very creative Stephanie Ackerman.

The succulent planters were so popular last year we’ve brought them back with a sweet twist.  These are in chalk painted jars with a bit of twine.  You can opt to add a chalkboard painted label to the front too!

We have several other options in the works too:

Vintage Glass Glittered “J-O-Y” Banner (or L-O-V-E or H-O-P-E)
Embellished Kraft Notebooks
Lavender Sugar Scrub
Chalkboard Gift Bags or Boxes
Vintage Ruler Charm Necklace
Glittered Ornaments
And more projects are coming from Lexi!

This event is all about the handmade “assembly line” style of giftmaking.

Here are the times we have scheduled so far:

Nov 2 (1pm-5pm)
Nov 8 (6pm-10pm)
Nov 15 (6pm-10pm)

Sign up and pay your “cover charge” and then pay only per project you make while you are here.

We will be taking orders for the projects as soon as all of the details are finalized.

Giftmaker Fair is BACK!


We wholeheartedly believe in Handmade Holiday Gifts here at A Work of Heart Studio.  To that end we have scheduled 2 events for you to come and create till your heart is content.

Here are just a few of the offerings we will have for you.

Sari Silk wrapped Copper Bangles


(6) Washi Tape “Thank You” Cards in a handmade Box


mini Succulents in a Handmade Planter (Plaster OR Yardstick)

(10) Letter Press Drink Coasters (you pick color and design)


“MailBox” Letter Pendant

Faux “Letter Press” Pendant (1.5″ tall) with Vintage Ledger paper inside

Vintage Rosette topped Gift Box


Bingo Book



The way our Giftmaker Fair works is this:

You pay your cover charge ($20) and then pick and choose which project kits you will complete.  Each kit is priced individually from $2-$15. (prices will be marked on the registration page for each project …Soon!)

You then work on completing your handmade gifts with everything you need at your fingertips.

Enjoy a hot cup and nibbles as you socialize.  This is a great “girls night out” or family creative time (ages 8-12 must be accompanied by an adult).  Seats are limited so you need to reserve your spot(s) asap.

There will be at least 8 different projects available at each session.  Additional kits are available for purchase in the shop after both sessions are completed.  Some kits are available in limited quantities and actual attendees have first priority.


Hope this makes everything clear.  If not, please do ask questions here…I’m sure others have similar questions!

Click here to register for Saturday Night (7-11pm), November 2nd with Kelly Moore and Andrea Chebeleu

Click here to register for Sunday Daytime(1-5pm), November 10 with Lexi Grenzer and Andrea Chebeleu