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Countdown to Juicy Soul Retreat – Day 3



I’m going to take today’s count down prompt to not only highlight inspiring art journal pages but 3 of my favorite artist’s art journal pages.

1. Stephanie Ackerman – She is not only a lovely spirit filled woman but a talented artist and someone I am honored to call friend.

by Stephanie Ackerman of homegrownhospitality.typepad.com

2. Tracie Bautista – I’ve been inspired by her style since I became aware of art journaling 8 years ago.  She is a local (Northern California) girl.  She was my first art journaling teacher.  She has played a huge role in my style being what it is today.

3. Donna Downey – An artist I greatly admire for her artistic ability as well as business sense.

What about you…who inspires you?  Care to share some of their art journal pages?  Tag them in a post with #countdownjsr


Countdown to JSR-Day 1

Countdown to JSR-Day 1



Today is the start of our 5 day countdown to the May 17th Juicy Soul Retreat (which has 3 spots left by the way)

Today the challenge is to show 1 thing you would like to try in your art journal.  I’ve been fascinated with gouache resist for some time now.  There is a lovely project in Pam Carriker’s latest book “Mixed Media Portraits” and I found this lovely example from Martha Lever’s blog.  What do you think?  Is this a technique you’d like to try?

Countdown to JSR



It is time for our 5 day countdown for the upcoming Juicy Soul Retreat

Tuesday, May 12 – One thing you want to try in your art journal

Wednesday, May 13 – Two Painty Hands

Thursday, May 14 – Three art journal pages that inspire you (yours or other artist’s)

Friday, May 15 – Four MUST HAVE art supplies

Saturday, May 16 – Five words that inspire you

Use #countdownJSR on your posts to play along at home on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll enter you into a drawing at the retreat for a special gift. (even if you aren’t there!)