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Recap 2016 – Day 14

Recap 2016 – Day 14

Artist Carrie Schmitt was our next to the last guest instructor of the year.

Carrie is author of Painted Blossoms (another of our book club selections from 2016)

Carrie’s website is full of inspiration.

Here is a screen shot of her instagram feed…you will want to follow her!


Below are some process photos I took of my pieces created in her workshop.  Unfortunately I was too caught up in what I was creating to take photos of the rest of the student’s artwork.  It was an unusual treat to be able to participate in this way.  I loved every moment of it!

img_20161106_114524 img_20161106_115631 img_20161106_122030 img_20161106_124153 img_20161106_124213 img_20161106_130044 img_20161106_140710 img_20161106_162319 img_20161106_162703

Here are Carrie’s Demo pieces from class




Carrie was a delight to have in the studio.  We look forward to having her back next November.  Keep your eyes open, she’ll be back!

Here are my 2 pieces made in class…still in progress

img_20161106_183833 img_20161106_183926

Book Club is a major part of our curriculum in the studio.

Our new selections are starting in 2 short weeks.

Book Club:


Monday Morning, Tuesday Night and Thursday Afternoon will be covering Annie O’Brien Gonzales’s book “Bold Expressive Painting”

Annie is also one of our guest instructors for 2017.  Check out the workshop she it leading on Sunday, February 19th here.

Next up…


Wednesday afternoon is covering Danielle Donadson’s “Creative Girl”

Danielle is visiting again in 2017 as well.  Click here to find out more about her class on Sunday, April 9.

We are also covering

Thursday Evening is covering Gina Rossi Armfield’s “No Excuses Watercolor Animals”

We also have two other “series” classes offered.

Jewelry:  We have an 8 week jewelry series kicking off either Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings

Art Journaling:  We have a new 7 week Art Journaling series starting Tuesday afternoons at 3:30



Final 2016 Guest Instructors


I’ve had some pretty amazing guest instructors here in 2016 but the ride isn’t over yet!  We have more to come in October & November

All visiting teachers have minimum number of student requirements so PLEASE do not wait too long to register.  You (unknowingly) might just wait too long and class will be canceled.  I don’t read minds (honestly!) so if you are even considering attending, please use the RSVP button and put a note in to let me know what is going on.  That way the class won’t be at risk for cancellation.


First up…On a Monday & Tuesday

October 10/11 – Julie Balzer

I know, some of you will have to be “sick” for work those days so you don’t miss out…but I promise it will be worth it.

10am-4:30pm – The Amazing Tape Bound Journal


And just in case you really truly can’t make the daytime class, (or simply can’t miss out on a FULL DAY) we’ve asked her to be superwoman and teach an evening class too!

6 pm – 9pm – Flips, Flaps, Pockets & Cut-Outs


Next up…

October 15/16 Diane Cook

Oct 15th from 6:30-9:30pm Gilding with Solder “mini”

Oct 16th – 10am-5pm: Liquid Enameling Workshop


October 28-30 – Robin Dudley Howes

Oct 28 – 9am – 4pm – Crocheted & Chained Multi-Strand Necklace

Oct 29 – 6pm-9pm – Crowned Perfume Bottle Necklace

Oct 30 – 10am-5pm – Bohemian Illumination


And to round out the year…

Carrie Schmitt

November 6 – 11am-5pm – Wild Joy Blooms!

Summer Book Club – Thursday Nights

Summer Book Club – Thursday Nights

We are trying something new this Summer and continuing our fabulous book club momentum by offering a Thursday Night session starting June 16th from 6-8pm.

Lexi will facilitate the lovely Carrie Schmitt’s  book “Painted Blossoms”


All sessions can be taken individually (sign up below) or sign up for all 7 sessions and receive a 30% discount!

All supplies are included.

**SIDE NOTE** Carrie Schmitt will be here in person teaching in November.  Click here for more information!

Book Club: Painted Blossoms – 1)Fresh Picked Bouquet
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Book Club: Painted Blossoms – 2) Flowing Flowers
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Book Club: Painted Blossoms -3) Surprise Garden
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Book Club: Painted Blossoms -4) Sacred Terrarium
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Book Club: Painted Blossoms – 5)Flower Mandala
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Book Club: Painted Blossoms -6) Intuitive Flora
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Book Club: Painted Blossoms – 7)Collaborative Magic
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Pictures from Painted Blossoms Book Club


I’m so in love with this latest book we are covering on Tuesday mornings.  I feel like these will be  some long lasting workshops even after book club is over…especially today’s drippy flowers!

Here are weeks #1 & #2 with our happy painters

chalk1 chalk2 chalk3 chalk4 chalk5 chalk6 chalk7 chalk8 chalk9class drippy_andrea drippy_cathy drippy_Jane drippy_jenny drippy_linda drippy_shelley drippy_unk drippy_unknown


















We are really enjoying the flowers…there are still 5 weeks of classes left and it’s not too late to join the fun.  See something you like?  Request a re-run and let me know when you are available.

Loving what you see?  Check out Carrie Schmitt’s Blog here.  We have a few copies of the book left in the shop.

One More Book Club for Fall


Flowers are organic, wonderfully forgiving subjects. Each one is unique; you can’t paint one wrong! Painted Blossoms will encourage you to welcome creativity with ease as you discover ways to tend the garden within. In addition to watching yourself grow through seven different stepped-out flower projects, you’ll learn basic design elements, how to get unstuck from the mud, how to carve your own stamps, cut your own stencils and more.

Tuesdays 10am-12pm

9/01/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (1 of 7)
9/08/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (2 of 7)
9/15/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (3 of 7)
9/22/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (4 of 7)
9/29/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (5 of 7)
10/06/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (6 of 7)
10/13/2015  Book Club: Painted Blossoms (7 of 7)