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2016 Recap – Day 1


For the final days of December I’m going to stay on this “roll” of posting every day and turn your attention to some of the wonderful guest teachers we’ve had in the studio as well as directing you to some of the talent we have coming up in 2017.  It was a big year for us as far as guest teachers go.  We had 15 visiting artists!  How convenient it is that we have 15 days left in 2016 to spend a day looking back at each visit.

Day 1 we look back to February 9 and 10 with Leslie Marsh.

Leslie is a talented photographer and book maker from Pennsylvania.

We enjoyed eco-dying and creating mini soldered books and wearable book pendants with her in February.

img_20160209_103933 img_20160209_103942 img_20160209_103953 img_20160209_104058 img_20160209_104300 img_20160209_142707 img_20160210_124654 img_20160210_152121 img_20160210_201508

This is a photo from her recent post on Facebook…this is similar to what the inside pages of our books looked like.

This is similar to what the outside of our books looked like

and the sweet little wearable book looked something like this

although ours were a bit larger…I believe Leslie says this image is one of the tiniest books she’s made.

Check out what Leslie has going on in 2017 here.  Follow her on Facebook here.

I was inspired by her class to develop this workshop for those interested in learning the Coptic binding technique.

It is currently scheduled on Sunday, January 15th from 2-5pm.


Click here to register



Etched Metal Coptic Stitch Mini Journal

Etched Metal Coptic Stitch Mini Journal
Annette's Art

Mini Journals

These sweet mini journals can be used for so many thing:  Hand Lettering..Travel Journaling..Photo Album OR a combination of all of these!

In this new workshop you will be able to pick from 6 patterns of pre-etched 6″x6″copper OR brass.

Annette's Art

Cover Options

You will cut that 6×6 sheet down to whatever size(es) you wish to create your book.

Annette's Art

Book Size Options #1

Annette's Art

Book Size Options #2

You will learn the basics of the Coptic Stitch using a chip board cover and pre-cut pages.  I am a big believer in the fact that repetition works.  My first book certainly doesn’t look as great as my 10th book. I will make sure you get the hang of the stitch before you jump into putting your precious mini metal book together in class.

The supplies that are included in your kit include a 6×6 sheet of etched (22g) copper OR brass, chipboard, watercolor paper, binding cord & eyelets.  You can come completely empty handed and leave with not just one but TWO mini journals.

Click here to sign up for the September 25th workshop.
Time: 2pm-5pm
Fee: $110 (prior to September 23rd – Late fee= $125)

A Work of Heart
2196 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

7 day (week) art journal


Totally inspired by Pam Carriker‘s book “art at the speed of life” / for the most recent book club.

Here is my book in progress after the 7 sessions (+1 for the covers and binding)



Here we are the girls working on a make up session this past Tuesday.





The results after only 9hours of work on these books is stunning.. I’m thinking of running another session in January for those of you available in the day time.. Let me know if you are interested.

Did you know you could…


Learn to:

  • Solder around a glass slide to make a pendant or ornament
  • Collage using nothing but beeswax as the adhesive
  • Turn an old book into a piece of art
  • Add a little paint and texture to papers and bind them into an artist journal
  • Mix Paper, fabric, beads on canvas to make a mixed media collage
  • cover pre-made containers, frames, mirrors and more with pretty papers, ink, embossing powders, glitter and more to make them spectacular
  • Make your own book cover out of metal
  • Trade Artist Cards with others…gathering a collection of art to display and/or inspire
  • Make 99% pure silver jewelry
  • Fold one sheet of paper into a miniature booklet
  • Cut materials like metal, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, tissue, paper and more in over 200 shapes, book pages, alphabets etc…
  • Upcycle something ordinary into something extraordinary
  • Make jewelry and decorate anything solid (and heat resistant) with polymer clay
  • Cover gigantic paper mache letters with patterned papers and paint to spell out anything you want to say

These are JUST A FEW of the things you can do here in our studio.  We provide ALL the tools you need and have the materials too!  Come and be inspired to be creative.