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Week in review


Back to school should mean things get back to normal in the studio….Notice I say SHOULD…

This year seems to be different in the respect that summer was pretty mellow so the transition from summer to fall had been barely noticeable.  I still can’t believe Sunday marks the first day of SEPTEMBER!

We (Lexi & I) are thinking up all sorts of fun  holiday themed classes and workshops.  We have started working on ideas for our annual Gift Maker workshop (which you can register for here (Saturday night) or here  (Sunday daytime)) Though the graphics are not accurate on the calendar, they will show you some of the fun things we’ve done in the past.  This year will be (mostly) all new projects.

September 1 would mark the end of my 31 day challenge (self imposed/directed) of capturing the K-Love (Christian Radio Station) “Encouraging Word of the Day” in my Art Journal.  I don’t want to stop though!  It has made such a radical impact on my attitude and outlook, I plan to continue.  Spending dedicated time each day capturing something meaningful on an art journal page has proven critical to my positive attitude and outlook on life (in general).  Here are some of my more recent pages (still in progress)

Out of this daily practice I’ve developed some new classes to offer in the studio.  Lettering is my latest passion…not specifically hand lettering (though I’m going to focus on that in September) but mixed media lettering achieved in a variety of ways.

Here is a little unedited tutorial on masking and stamping you might enjoy.

One of these new classes is called “Instant Messaging A-Z”  This is more of a photo shoot than a class (so I’ll be editing the description and putting it back on the calendar).  In this session we set up all sorts of words and phrases and take photographs of them.  With some minimal computer skills you can take these photos and transform them into printable artful words and phrases.

Here is an example of one of the words from this week’s  session

So, you see…Each of these letters are simply laid out on a background (nothing stuck down permanently) So you can mix and match and make an unlimited number of words in combinations and shapes…oh my..it really is exciting.  Think of the possibilities for card making, art journaling, mixed media art…I could go on, but you really should join us for one of these “Instant Messaging” sessions. The next one is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 11 from 10am-12pm.  Click here to sign up.

Lettering isn’t all we focused on this week.  There was also a fun decoupage project involving a paper mache dress form.

Shawn did a great job!

and our book club (Inspired by Dina Wakley’s Art Journal Freedom)

Linda (brilliantly) uses hardware nuts to hold down her paper as a mask for spraying ink

Angela’s sprayed silhouette


Rhonda’s silhouettes


We studied dominance and repetition this week.

One last thing in this random blog post that has turned out to be more of a brain dump…

I now have a class request form on the website.  I really hope you will use this form to request a special session of any class or workshop we offer.  For example, if you are interested in the new “instant messaging” workshop but are only available Monday nights, please use the form and let me know you would be interested.  I try my best to schedule classes people are interested in taking when they are available to take them.  Without your input, scheduling is a little bit like throwing darts…I throw the classes on the calendar and see what sticks (ie..what people sign up for)  Please help me fine tune the target.

Have a lovely long weekend.  If you find yourself with some free time, join us for our Sunday workshop (1-6pm) Painting a canvas cover/art supply carrier and 12 mini journals

or either of Monday’s Painty Canvas projects…First is a Tote Bag and Second is a Journal and Zipper Pouch.


Latest Obsession = New Workshop


I love it when the unexpected happens to take you in a new and exciting direction.  I’ve been playing in Art Journals for over 5 years now.  Just like my journey with scrapbooking…I can look back at the work I started with and see how I have progressed over the months.  The mediums I use have only varied slightly…I have to admit, I’m a supplies junkie!  Show me a new art supply I haven’t tried yet and I HAVE to try it…though I’m getting sidetracked now.

Starting on the 1st of August I decided to really “LIVE IN” the art journal that I just got back from it’s little trip to Somerset Studios for publication.

You can read about that journey here

I was excited to get this journal back in  my hands.  It represented so much on so many levels (success, validation, commitment, follow through, overcoming fear, community, joy…) I didn’t want to just put it on a shelf with all my other journals dabble in.  I wanted to really use this one…and then it hit me!  I’ve been wanting to do something around art journaling and scripture for a while now.  I happen to subscribe to K-Love’s encouraging word of the day.  I get an encouraging text via email daily.  For the month of August I’ve committed to using my putting these verses in my art journal using eclectic lettering styles.  I’m learning so much as I go along, finding my groove, spending time meditating on scripture and loving every second of it!

Here is my progress so far…



I’m always trying to come up with new workshops to offer here in the studio and this one seems like a natural fit!  This workshop is for anyone with an interest in artful journaling.

If you are intrigued by what you see in art journaling magazines and want to know how to get the mediums and materials to work together…this workshop is for you…
If you want to use up your “juicy papers” and fill up your “dabbled in” art journals…this workshop is for you…
If you want to actually FINISH an art journal page…this workshop is for you…
If you want to be empowered to create art that is just for you without fear of judgement or failure…this workshop is for you…

If any ONE of these statements resonate with you, this workshop is for you.  No matter your level of experience, all you need is a desire.

I am calling this new workshop “Visual Journaling Boot Camp”

Click here to read more about it and to register!  The pre-registration discount is significant so you will want to sign up asap.

All your supplies will be included and at the end of the 8 hours you will have a handcrafted art journal filled with colorful pages and imagery and several pages completed but your mind will be swimming with ideas for filling of every single page.  Continue to make regular art journaling dates at the studio to fill your remaining pages.

Follow me on Instagram (aworkofheartstudio) to watch my personal progress with as I work on the remaining pages in my journal too!

Juicy Soul Retreat Recap

Friday...all prepped

Friday…all prepped






We had a “warm up” game of round-robin techniques

Here are some close ups of the finished papers (we worked on sticker paper!)







I kept looking at other’s papers and having paper envy but I LOVE how my paper came out…it is the one with the eyeballs on it…can you spy which one it is?


Chrissie and her darling daughter, Amy made a mother/daughter art play date of it!






What a delightful group of women…I LOVE creating in community and YOU ALL are the BEST!



So blessed to be in the 4th year of co-teaching with this juicy soul!  Love you Julie!!


For those of you who missed it you can sign up for the next event on Sunday, October 20 by clicking here.

To see our journaling process and each others journal pages, you can follow us on Instagram

  • Andrea (@aworkofheartstudio)
  • Julie (@reddragonflystudio)

Feel free to share the journal pages you create in class and beyond by including #JuicySoulRetreat in the comments.

If you would like to participate and do not have an Instagram account, registration is simple and free.
Click here


Art Journaling..spreading the love


It was such an honor have our submission published in the Summer 2013 issue of Art Journaling Magazine.


It is quite an inspiring issue …I wanted to share just a few links to some of the other artists featured in this issue that inspire me most.

First, the Artist Portfolio featuring Roben-Marie Smith…wowza…her vibrant pages just draw me in…


I mean seriously…gotta love the header on her blog…go check her out (click on the image above to jump over to her blog)…she loves the Gelli Arts printing plate too!!  She inspires me to be much more random and free.


Bebe Butler


I’ve actually been following Bebe’s blog for a while now and was delighted to see her article published directly following ours.  I love her faces…and her tip “Don’t be afraid to create something ugly” is something I’ve started saying to my students too!

Of course I would be remiss to not mention Pam Carriker who had a huge part in our submission in the first place since it was her book “Art at the Speed of Life” we were using as inspiration for our journals.  We covered the “7-day Art Journal” over a 7 week period last fall.  **Side note** We will be doing that again starting in September!  Make sure you are on the mailing list or following this blog to be updated when the book club starts again.

And finally (this is not an exhaustive list…but it is all for today) is Amber Walker.   I love her tip of  “Take photographs of what you love in your everyday life.”  Jumping over to her blog the first thing that caught my eye was this “When I was scrolling through Instagram (which I do a little too frequently, you?)”  I could totally relate as I’m recently completely smitten with Instagram.


Thanks for reading, hope you jump over to these blogs and enjoy some art journaling inspiration today.


Reminder: Juicy Soul Retreat – Sunday July 28, 2013

 Soul Scribble by Soul Pancake
If I could have a bullhorn for the whole world to hear I would stay…
It expands your sense of play, freedom and joy.
Make an appointment to play …
Join us for the Juicy Soul Retreat – July 28, 2013
where we play and create in community.

JSR – 2013

New book club starting in August



I’ve been so impressed with all the information in Dina Wakley’s new book… Art Journal Freedom.. I can’t wait to start a new book club.

If you are a Bay Area Local:  Make sure you email andrea@aworkofheart.com if you are interested in participating..

Click here to participate in the poll to help us decide what day/time is best for the majority of you.


Here is an outline of what we are going to cover each week:

Week 1: Symmetry & Asymmetry (On the grid)
Week 2: White Space, Continuance & Closure
Week 3: Proximity (Butcher Paper Collage)
Week 4: Dominance & Repetition (Re-Inker Backgrounds)
Week 5: Color Basics & Contrast with Color (PanPastel Rainbow Background & Gel Medium Resist)
Week 6: Color as a Composition Tools (Artsy Painted Birds)
Week 7: The Power of Black & White (Black Spray Paint and Silhouettes) – also Binding our pages together into a journal

Here are some examples of the work we will be doing.


(artwork by Pat Chavez)




(artwork by Cindy Dorsa)


(artwork by ??)



Preparing for Juicy Soul Retreat


I LOVE the Juicy Soul Retreat Julie and I facilitate.  This year we will have had 3.  Next year maybe 4 again…We’ll see..

Here is a shot of me getting ready for the retreat by hand painting folders to hold the handouts.

just wait till you see how juicy they end up looking…it is fun sometimes to see where something starts and how it ends up….thus my posting today.

We still have 2 spots available so if you’ve been on the fence about signing up…click here and get your spot reserved…your soul will thank you for the refreshing juice!