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Artful Life Calendar Journal – 2017


I’m really excited to prepare my journal for “living in” next year.  I have so many cool ideas to make creating and capturing art weekly an attainable goal.

Check out this youtube clip I made showing you my previous journals and explaining a little more about what it even is!


I have 4 options for you to pick from (our standard book club times) for the in person 5 week series starting NEXT WEEK!  Note:  We don’t meet during Thanksgiving week.

Monday Mornings 10am-12pm

Tuesday Evenings 6pm-8pm

Wednesday Afternoons 3:30pm-5:30pm

Thursday Afternoons 1pm-3pm


Not only will you learn and create during the 10 hours of this workshop you will enjoy a creative community of others who also want to make time for being creative more regularly.

For those who can’t make it to one of these 4 session times (which are all interchangeable btw)  We will be offering a Saturday Night/Sunday intensive before the end of the year.  Email me to let me know if you are interested in doing something like this.

For those of you outside the bay area, this will be available as an online class with an optional supply kit as well.  Look for the announcement here on the blog in the next few weeks.


New Year..will it be an Artful one?

New Year..will it be an Artful one?

I can’t believe we start a new year at the end of this week!  I’ve been a busy bee finishing up last year’s “Artful Life Calendar Journal” and prepping the pages for 2016.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is the idea in a nutshell.


I want to live an artful (art filled) life.  I want to be able to reflect on milestones, events, thoughts, goals and “stuff” weekly/monthly/yearly.  To achieve this goal, I’ve designed a monthly booklet that has a 2-page spread for each week.  My goal is to fill in  a little something about that week in my life.  I include photos, business cards, bits and pieces of my life that can be taped or glued into place as a reminder of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  There is room to draw, doodle, sketch, write, document and more.


Each monthly pamphlet is easily portable to carry with you and document on the go.  At the end of the year I bind all the monthly pamphlets together into one chunky year end book.  2016 is my 3rd year of doing this and I’m so excited to get started and make this the best year yet.


Does this intrigue you?  If so, you have a chance to prep your very own Artful Life Calendar Journal this weekend (Saturday Night/Sunday Afternoon)  Click to register.

Can’t make it?  I have an on-line version that offers you step by step instructions and a materials list and even links up to some videos showing the process.  Click here to purchase.  Note..those who attend in person get access to the on-line version too.

Whether you create my version or follow along with any of the MANY on-line weekly “documented life” or “documented faith” challenges you might be interested in our monthly meetup to keep motivated and accountable.

Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Calendar Journal Meetup
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Final Fourteen – Day 10

Final Fourteen – Day 10


Another great deal on a starter kit for the watercolor and paper doll enthusiast in your life.  This sweet little watercolor journal is the perfect size to fit these doll stamps.

Kit contains:
*(3) Julie Nutting Doll Stamps (Riley, Betty, Mindy) You may email me for a substitution option if you have these stamps already. I have most of the first and second release stamps.
*Travelogue 60pg Watercolor Journal 3.5″x8.25″
* 36 color Loew Cornell Watercolors
* India Ink Archival & Fade Resistant Ink pad
*10″x12″ Zippered Canvas Pouch

Purchase this limited edition kit by clicking here

Retail value is over $70…today only $45

7 day (week) art journal


Totally inspired by Pam Carriker‘s book “art at the speed of life” / for the most recent book club.

Here is my book in progress after the 7 sessions (+1 for the covers and binding)



Here we are the girls working on a make up session this past Tuesday.





The results after only 9hours of work on these books is stunning.. I’m thinking of running another session in January for those of you available in the day time.. Let me know if you are interested.

Art Melange – a Travel Journal Extravaganza


Make one for yourself in the series coming on Thursday nights in June:

Art Melange – a Travel Journal Extravaganza
Thursdays June 2- June 30 PLUS a bonus Craft Rave on Saturday June 11, 6pm-11pm ($140 until May 31…then the price goes up to $165)

15 hours of studio time and instruction.  All supplies included.  Minimal/No sewing experience required.

This is a great project for using up all your scrap papers and hand painted papers from previous classes if you want to use them.

This workshop will feature techniques inspired by Teesha Moore, Traci Bautista and Mary Ann Moss.  I am a huge fan of these extraordinary artists and have woven techniques each of them use in their journals into this one workshop.  We will mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind journal ready to accompany you anywhere you go.  The zippered pencil pouch/flap is a bonus so you have your favorite writing tools/glue/paint brush at the ready.

Click here to register.

Remains of the Day a la Mary Ann Moss


love love love this!  Beth Kelsey turned me on to Mary Ann Moss and her incredible work.  I’ve been drooling over Beth’s books and even asked Mary Ann to come up and teach a workshop.  No luck on getting her up here any time soon since she has a classroom full of kiddos to teach during the school year…BUT…we’re going to do our own version of Mary Ann’s “Remains of the Day…shabby journal of scraps”

First of all…check out the source by visiting Mary Ann’s blog

I would highly recommend signing up for her online class.  And if you are interested in joining in a group at the studio, come to our 3 session workshop to share supplies and use our sewing machines and generally have fun together.  We’ll be meeting every other Wednesday starting on October 6th from 6-9pm….reply to this blog post if you are interested in joining our group.

New Class – Juicy Journals!


I’m excited to add a new class to my lineup in August.


Juicy Journals
Sunday, August 2

Join us to learn new techniques to turn flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your words, poetry, collage, photos, lists,mantras, ideas, songs, prayers, intentions, stories, notes, and dreams. In this class you will be able to spread out on big tables with tons of supplies as I share each technique. When I have covered all the techniques I will turn on some music and let you run wild with the techniques. I will be there to guide if you need it or you can rip the training wheels off and go for it.

You will learn…
– 5 + great techniques to cover pages for journaling.
– Quick easy ways to cover your journal pages with pattern and color using traditional art supplies and simple items you may find around your home.
– The top 5 tools every creative journaler should have in their magic tool box to journal at a moments notice.
– How to use tools to make creative journal patterns on pages and layer them in creative ways.
– The best techniques for making your journal an inspiration to write and create.

You get from this class …
– Several pages in your existing journal covered with CREATIVE JUICE!
– A jump start in your journaling process
– Inspiration…you will never look at a paper towel the same way again.
– You will feel like a creative genius after the class.

This class is for you if….
– You always wanted to make a funky journal like the ones you have seen from artists who create art journals, altered books, and mixed media books.
– You have been wanting to do something creative and you need a jump start and a little inspiration.
– You feel the creative muse calling you to write, journal, list, or create.
– If you need full permission to make a big “mess” with art supplies.
– You want to be around some cool artsy people doing fun artsty stuff.

What to Bring:
– A journal of your choosing (If you need a journal let us know and we will provide one for you for a fee $12)
– Comfortable clothes you can get messy in.
– Your open heart and mind.

click here to register

Building a Crafty Community


Our mission here is to build a community of like-minded creatives.

If you see the potential in the things we have collected here, if it inspires a spark inside of you…we want you to join our community. You need to be here, we need you here, the creative community will be better with your active participation.

How do we go about this? That is where YOU come in. We can do all the legwork imaginable but the community isn’t about us, it is about YOU. We listen when you tell us what is inspiring to you, we ask who you follow, we encourage “outside-the-box” thinking (relish it even!) Following those cues we have scheduled outside instructors, artists and authors to come, teach and inspire.

The growth of our community through inspiring instruction is an exciting thing.

Here is the list for the next several months:

Lisa Super: December 14th 10am Visit her blog Lisa is a Prima Design Team member and an accomplished instructor with a vintage flair. Click here to register for her Altered Book workshop

Marah Johnson: January 16 & 17 Visit her blog Marah is a designer for Creative Imaginations Her flair is incredible. She manages to take normal plain products and take them to the next level with hardward, bling and more. Registration is coming soon for her workshops in January but keep the dates open!

Cheryl Darrow: January 30 & 31 Visit her blog Cheryl owns Ten Seconds Studio and is the most amazing creative genius with metal and MUCH MORE. She has written a book (metal effects) and has a dvd out (a to z metal works) Those of you who came to her workshops earlier this year will remember what a blast she is as a teacher. We have all the tools, the book and dvd in the studio for you to use.

Carol Wingert: February 27 & 28 Visit her blog Carol is a designer, teacher and co-author of: Artful Memories: Create One-of-a-Kind Scrapbook Pages, Memory Book and Framed Art

Lisa Pavelka: April 4 & 5 Visit this link and learn a little more about Lisa, her passion is Polymer Clay and she makes it so easy to play and create amazing things. She is an incredible instructor and much fun to be around. She has also published a fantastic DVD Clayin Around (that we have in the studio!)

Teesha Moore: May 16 & 17 Visit her blog. Teesha is an amazing artist with a process that is inspiring. I personally find her work a visual feast. I cherish the zines I own and follow her blog regularly. She will be here with her husband Tracy to lead us in a weekend of Art Journaling.

Melodee Langworthy may also return. We’re hoping for April…Stay tuned for more details.