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Final 16 – Day 3


Wow, I”m late posting today but I’ll give you 3 days to redeem this deal.

Today’s offering is a digital download.


It is a high resolution scan of my original artwork made in 2016.  The sheet comes with 12 images all measuring 2.5×2.5 inches.
Normally I list this as a $3 download.  Today (and until December 5th) you can get it for only $1

Click here and use the code final1603

While the “deal price” is valid only for 24 hours (unless specified) the item may still be ordered at our regular price at any time.


Final Fifteen – Day 12


Another day another offer.  Today I have prepared a digital download for you.  The twist is that 100% of the proceeds today will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

I love making art and since I started the “1000 Houses Project” I have made dozens and dozens of these bitty pieces of art (I’m somewhere in the 300’s of reaching my goal)

Today I offer you a digital download of 9 of these bitty houses reformatted to Artist Trading Card size (2.5″x3.5″)  Click here to purchase this download on ETSY and know that you are helping reduce hunger.

Print these out and create a bit of collage over top to make thoughtful cards to give any time of the year.

As a bonus today I also want to send you over to the CreativeLive blog where you can download a free coloring book.

Art is…Life (Petaluma)


So far I’ve had an amazing time at this incredible event.  At the risk of going on and on…this is one retreat you should really try to attend if at all possible.  It is well run and filled with super talented and personable teachers and the students feel like family.  I just can’t get over how friendly everyone is.

So..on to the class I took with the amazing Tracy Verdugo

As you know..I love taking process pictures.  Here we go with the progress of my 30×30 canvas

Day 1…blank canvas…divided into a 7×7 grid…apply personal symbols (no black was used…just mixed some secondary colors to make dark)













So..this is the end of day 1….

Now for day 2…



Tracy offering her eye to help me pick out emerging imagery..

I then took a photo of the piece turned every which way…


And though there were several possibilities…fish…owl…bird….I chose (you guessed it) houses












I still need to get a better photo of the final piece (better lighting)  It was amazing seeing what everyone else ended up with.  Here is Tracy’s final piece.


1000 houses still in progress


I”m adding layers but here is an update on a few of the pieces I posted last week.  It is kind of fun seeing the progression.  Normally I would call these done..but who knows…I may be inspired to do more layers.

1000 Houses update



It has been quite some time since I’ve updated you on the progress of my 1000 Houses Project.  If you are unaware of this project it is my quest to “find my style” or flavor.  The only constraints I’ve placed on myself is they must be individual pieces of art (not art journal pages) and have a house shape in them somewhere.

Many times as you will see here the pieces come out of some class or bookclub I’ve taught or facilitated.  The first piece as you see above is not quite complete yet as it was done in Wednesday’s session of “Juicy Collage”

This next piece came out of the book club “Art at the Speed of Life” by Pam Carriker.  It was my take on the “Toilette Papier Mache”


The following piece I hesitated to even show.  There are some things I will change on it…but I guess it is good to document the process as well.  Another piece I created in a session of “Juicy Collage”


This piece I created in a class called “Plaster Form Collage” inspired by a piece in “Taking Flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts.


Another two pieces  from “Juicy Collage”  This features my love of the dripping acrylic ink and a spritz of water….ohh I LOVE that magic!


This piece was inspired by the  “Art at the Speed of Life”  by Pam Carriker.  I love the bookclub format for how it gets me out of my normal mode and encourages me to stretch and try new things.


None of these are in any order of when they were created..this one is a little “darker” than usual for me..but I love it just the same.


People often ask how I am doing on this project.  I am plugging along…I just don’t make as much time to document it as I could.  I’m striving to get into a rhythm in my effort to bring more balance into life..perhaps that will include more regular updates.

Hope you enjoy what you’ve seen.