Recap 2016 – Day 12

Julie Balzer came from Boston to teach class October 10/11.
If you are unfamiliar with Julie’s work you can find out what she does by visiting her website here.
It’s enough to make your head spin.  She is seriously my role model for being a business savy artist and entrepreneur.  I admire her greatly.
Julie is kind enough to offer you all a special deal on one of her awesome online courses.  She is encouraging people to join #CarveDecember and so
her online course: Stamp Carving 101 is 10% off for our readers.

Discount Code: ANDREA2016
Isn’t that exciting?!
Here are a few shots from class when Julie was here
img_20161010_191637 img_20161010_195403 img_20161011_141748 img_20161011_141758 img_20161011_141805 img_20161011_141814 img_20161011_141834 img_20161011_162122 img_20161011_205936 img_20161011_212721

If you are interested in exploring art journaling techniques in the new year to get a deeper understanding and practical application of mediums and art principles you might want to join in our new 7 week Art Journaling Series starting January 10.

1/10/2017 – 2/21/2017
Art Journaling – 7 Week Series
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

In this series you will explore aspects of visual journaling.

VISUAL JOURNALING “Visual journaling is a creative way to express and record life’s experiences, feelings, emotional reactions, or our inner world – visually and verbally. Essentially, visual journaling can become a potential key to the artmaking process.
Exploring our own thought process through visual journaling is essential in a world that is in a state of continuous change. Just as there are many ways to express oneself artistically, there are many ways to create visual journals. By committing to the visual journaling process, one can learn how to access his/her inner language of imagery and express it both visually and verbally, while exploring the connection between image and word. Through visual journaling one can also become capable of articulating connections between their own personal art-making experiences and the works of master and contemporary artists.” – Michael Bell

This series is broken up into 7 lessons:
1. Color Confidence – Selecting and mixing colors
2. Motif – Handmade stencils, masks & stamps
3. Mediums – exploring paints, gels, gessos & pastes
4. Image & Line – transferring methods
5. Lettering – Hand drawn letters/words
6. Composition – exploring balance, white space, symmetry, repetition
7. Details – Finishing touches to elevate your artwork

Bring a journal (8×10 or 9×12 watercolor journal is preferred) and we will provide all the supplies you need.

Recap 2016 – Day 11


Gina Rossi Armfield taught in the studio Sunday, October 9th


You will most certainly want to check out her website.

We had so much fun in class…so much so that I didn’t actually get any photos except this one of the two of us and Greyson the kitten.


Oh, and this one…


Lexi took the class and posted this awesome photo

Here are Gina’s 3 books you should check out.

Gina has an online course offered right now called

No Excuses Year of Transformation – 2017
Here is the link

We have covered No Excuses Watercolor in Book Club in the past and will be starting No Excuses Watercolor Animals on Thursday evenings starting January 12 with Lexi.

1/12/2017 – 3/09/2017
Book Club: No Excuses Watercolor Animals(8wks)
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

A special deal we have for you today is the Daniel Smith Watercolor Sampler packs are back in stock for $50 each.


Click here to order on ETSY use code 2016recap11 to get $10 off the listing.

Local customers click here to purchase

Recap 2016 – Day 10


Roxanne Coble (aka by bun) is our next featured artist.

Roxanne came to teach August 18.

img_20160818_202505 img_20160818_203414 img_20160818_203426 img_20160819_111724 img_20160819_153548 img_20160819_153555 img_20160819_153624 img_20160819_153902  img_20160819_153935 img_20160819_162428

here is a list of ways to follow Roxanne

+ youtube channel: madebybun
(check out my daily vlogs for december!)
+ email:
+ instagram: @bybun
+ facebook: like by bun
+ twitter: @madebybun
+ snapchat: ‘bybunrox’
+ pinterest: by bun
+ bloglovin’: by bun

As a special deal for you  today we are offering Roxanne’s recently released stencils for 35% off

Buy Bat/Rat Stencil

Buy Wolf Stencil

Buy Bunny Stencil

These stencils are normally $14 each, yours for only $9.10 each (plus tax for CA residents)

Shipping in the US is $2.65 for 1 or more.

Click here to pay for shipping


Recap 2016 – Day 9

Recap 2016 – Day 9

Today we feature a Bay Area artist, Danielle Donaldson.

If you are not familiar, go…right now, yes go!…and check her out.

Follow her on Instagram here.

This is her book, CreativeGirl, which we have covered in the past for book club AND will be covering again starting January 11.

Here are some of the lovely things we made in class with Danielle when she came to teach in the studio July 31/Aug 1

img_20160731_154427 img_20160731_154438 img_20160731_154447 img_20160731_155806 img_20160731_155810 img_20160731_155820 img_20160731_155826 img_20160731_155900 img_20160731_155906 img_20160731_155911 img_20160731_155916 img_20160731_155920 img_20160731_155931 img_20160731_155938 img_20160731_155941 img_20160731_155945 img_20160731_155953 img_20160731_163129

The GREAT news is that Danielle will be back teaching in the studio again this April!

Save the Date – Danielle Donaldson
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

We are still hammering out the details but you can either RSVP to be in the loop when we do know all the details OR go ahead and register, knowing that the class will be fantastic!

Recap 2016 – Day 8


Next up from our dynamic duo is Mary Beth Shaw (a.k.a. StencilGirl)

Mary Beth and Pam came to A Work of Heart to teach July 10/11, 2016

I loved having these two at the studio, as did our students.  The 2 day workshop was filled with paint, composition, stencils, more paint and lots of technique.

Before we jump into all the photos, here are some links to check out


To say they brought a few stencils is a gross understatement



Getting used to the overhead projector system 😉


Students working away with access to dozens upon dozens of great stencils



One of Mary Beth’s demo pages in progress


A group shot of the students and teachers


It was so awesome learning directly from these two.  We’ve covered both of their books in the past for book club so it was extra cool having them here in person.



Recap 2016 – Day 7


Our next visit of the year was from a dynamic duo, Pam Carriker and Mary Beth Shaw on July 9/10.

Today we feature Pam.

Pam is the author of 3 books

We have covered each of them in previous book clubs and I can attest first hand to the quality of projects and instruction in each of them.








We had such a great time learning firsthand from Pam.  I look forward to having her back in the future.

You can check out Pam’s website here.  Her YouTube channel is here.  She is so generous with tutorials.  You won’t be disappointed.


Recap 2016 – Day 6

Recap 2016 – Day 6


Jen Crossley, an Australian artist,  came at the end of April to teach us Molding and Casting Pewter one evening

and an etched birdhouse pendant the next

Lucky for me, Lexi captured a group shot (she’s so good at that!!  Thanks Lexi!!)


You can find out more about Jen here on her blog.  Visit her web shop here.

You can discover “the art of Jen Crossley”  on Pinterest here or search for it on google here

However you choose to find her art, please do.  You will be inspired!

We have some fantastic Jen Crossley inspired classes coming up soon.

Etched Metal Coptic Stitch Mini Journal
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

2016 Recap – Day 5


Seth Apter was our guest artist April 10 & 11.

If you have never taken a class from Seth you need to go to his website here and find out where he is teaching and SIGN UP!  It is an experience you will not regret it.

Read all the way to the end for a special deal for you from Seth!

As I’m on day 5 of this 15 day countdown of guest teachers it is becoming glaringly obvious that I don’t take enough photos!  New Year’s resolution #1…take more photos.

Here are a few I took when Seth was here.







Seth has some wonderful stamps and stencils out and the special deal he is offering is 20% off all all dies and individual cling and wood mounted stamps.

Click here to shop.

Use code HEART20 for your discount.

There are some newly released products so you will want to pop on over to his website to have a look!

2016 Recap – Day 4

2016 Recap – Day 4

Next up is another lovely Jeweler extraordinaire, Kate Richbourg.

Kate taught us to learn to love the saw…

and how to make sterling silver cabochon ring

Kate is one of the hardest working jewelry educators I personally know.  She is a phenomenal teacher who generously shares her knowledge with her students holding nothing back!

While I look forward to having Kate back in the studio, she has a studio of her own in South San Francisco.  You can find out all about what she has going on up there by clicking right here.

I know she is having a studio play day on the 31st of December which is bound to be a blast!

Kate has so much going on these days, you can find her over here at doing lots of cool stuff

We are starting another 8 week jewelry series in January.  There will be a daytime (Tuesdays 10am) or evening (Wednesdays 6:30pm)

RSVP here (Tuesday Morning) or here (Wednesday Night)  if you want to get the information when it is available on what classes we are adding to this series.

Here is an idea of what we offered in our last series.

We are dreaming up 8 whole NEW classes to offer this time.  Mark your calendar and plan to be here!

2016 Recap – Day 3


Steven James is up next.  By day Steven is a Kindergarten teacher however, when school is out, Mr. James travels the world and teaches amazing enameling classes.

Click here to visit his website to see what he is up to!

We were celebrating the release of his book (you can pick up here for only $14.66 on Amazon)

Apparently I didn’t take a single picture when Steven came to visit.  Perhaps because he lives in San Francisco and he feels more like a regular than a visiting instructor!

This is the class he taught.

and this one too…

We are looking forward to having Steven back again.

We have scheduled him to teach on Sunday, March 5 from 11pm-5pm.

He will teach his popular Celebration Charm Bracelet class. (click to register)

You will work on up to 31 designs in this all day workshop.  Use the charms in a home decor sort of way as a count down calendar or use them as a one-of-a-kind charm bracelet.