A Work of Heart

Embrace your Truth and experience Joy!

red and green lighted candle
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I had an aha! moment this week when someone I respect greatly said “I don’t do much ‘Holiday’ decorating but rather make my year around surroundings joyful” or something like that.  This really resonated with me and for the first time I felt a bit of freedom around this season that is upon us.

You see, I’m in a creative industry that focuses on selling me the holiday goods in July and the focus is always hyped up awareness of what the next season of selling will be.  That has NEVER brought me joy!  I find myself in the middle of whatever season regretting my lack of preparedness to be teaching and selling what society seems to expect from me.  That takes me out of being present and enjoying the moment I’m in right now.

Maybe you feel like this too and I’m here to give you permission to allow this impending busy holiday season to bring you peace and joy without the “shoulds”.  I love the music and smells of the season and the gathering of loved ones over nourishing food and conversation.  This does not need to involve any consumerism.  Take a deep breath…recognize what the most important thing is and just do that without regret!


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