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About time

Setting time aside for creativity or making it a priority is a struggle.  I place this in the same category as getting enough exercise and eating plenty of whole foods (preferably plant based) to make me feel complete.  Why is it such a struggle though? There are a limited number of things I can accomplish each day.  There are accomplishment blockers I can choose to indulge in such as mindless browsing through social media which sucks me into the comparison tunnle or watching youhuflixazon.  I find a direct relationship between my creative productivity and my indulgence in these accomplishment blockers.


All of this is just to say, “Hey, I struggle with this too!” Even though I have designed a workspace that is centered around creativity, I don’t make the time to step away from my computer regularly or often enough.  I find that I cram most of my creative time into the edges around the workshops I lead or times I need to go somewhere else.  Then the creative time is more a necessity than a relaxed time spent exploring and creating.  That is the atmosphere I long for…Relaxed luxurious time.  Can you relate?

I know that I am a better version of “me” when I carve out the time to make art just for me without the intention of preparing for a class, creating a new workshop, participating in a challenge or making a commission piece.  When I really sit and think about it, I don’t remember the last time I did that…just create for the love of the process.

I know it doesn’t feel spontaneous to have to schedule time to be creative but I’m convinced every other part of life will crowd out that time if I let it.  That is one thing I can count on!

When do you find it easiest to make time to be creative?

I realize this post was started nearly 2 months ago and was intended to be “About Me…Part 2″…this is just what came out.

In conclusion, I don’t really have a solution.  This is more of a confession.  I’m grateful that I have enough structure set in place that I can carve out creative time and not feel terribly guilty.  It is my job after all!


4 replies to “About time

  1. Andrea, thanks for sharing this. It’s something I struggle with as well. I took to putting “art time” on my calendar but that eventually felt like another “task” to complete. So I continue to look for ways to make it a daily priority because I do feel better when I am Creative just like my daily meditation practice.

  2. Hi Andrea, Is it possible to set one day a week just for you to do whatever you want? I have to schedule everything else. Why not have a day set aside to do as you please. You sound overworked. So slow down, take a breath and relax. It will give you more energy for the rest of your life. Good luck with everything. Phyllis Bigelow

  3. Hi Phyllis. Yes! I do have a Sabbath rest every week and love that. My intention with the post was not to come across as overworked but to share a common struggle I hear often from others in their pursuit of life and work balance. Thanks for the kind words.

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