A Work of Heart

Working on my “About” page

I’m working on my new website and realized it has been quite some time since I’ve shared on the blog.  I’m going to change that now as I try to get myself on a regular schedule of posting updates so it feels slow and steady not frantic and forced.  Sound good?  Yeah..I think so too!

A recent development is my working with a wonderful business coach named Dr. Minette Riordan. Minette was referred to me by my new creative friend who walked into my life a couple of months ago, Dr. Lorraine Haataia.  Minette has me writing an “about page” for my website and I have to admit, it was kind of fun thinking back about why and how I started this business.  As you will notice below, limiting the words will be my challenge.

Me at about age 3

Here are some notes from yesterday’s exercise.

  1. I’ve always considered myself “creative”.  I grew up as an only child with lots of time on my hands to entertain myself without t.v. (we didn’t have one for much of my early years) My earliest memories of being a “maker” is my creation of elaborate houses out of boxes and scraps of paper and fabric, some scissors and glue.  Perhaps this plays into my life long love of the house motif.
  2. I am certain my early childhood drive to create something from next to nothing uniquely equipped me to create the business I have today.
  3. I would spend much of my free time in high school and college creating, crafting, constructing, collecting.  I enjoyed (and still do) making my space my own  by using whatever I could get my hands on.  I loved sewing and could not WAIT to have kids so I could sew clothing for them.
  4. The reality of parenthood hit me hard and I struggled to make time to set aside to do what my soul longed for…hands-on creativity.

This brings me to one of my main reasons for creating A Work of Heart Studio.  20 years ago I found myself as a busy mom of 3.   It was a constant struggle to dedicate time to be creative and explore new ways of making art outside of helping in my kid’s parent participation pre-school.

Do you struggle to set time aside for creativity?

To be continued…


3 replies to “Working on my “About” page

  1. My heart is melting Andrea. I’m so thankful to have you and and such an inspiring art studio right here in the neighborhood. The creative community that you’ve created is truly A Work of Heart. It’s so nice to hear more of your back story. You have such amazing talent for being a strong business woman with a soft heart. I treasure our friendship.

  2. So happy to have you in the neighborhood and really looking forward to enrolling in a class!

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