I’m working on updating my website with all the social media links for you be involved in what is going on around the studio.  I admit it is a struggle to find balance in needing to have a presence on social media but internally  finding that a major source of discontent.  I find myself too often comparing myself to what I see out there.


Mark Twain said “comparison is the death of joy” and Theodore Roosevelt “comparison is the thief of joy”.  I find it fitting that my word this year is “JOY” after mulling over the words selfless (as in self LESS”) and service I got to the root of what I was after and that was to focus on JOY.  Bringing it to others and finding it overflowing in my own life (probably through selfless service!) So all of this is a long winded way of saying, my presence on social media is one I consider necessary to spread the word about A Work of Heart to keep the doors open and the seats filled.  Anything YOU can do to help spread the word brings me GREAT JOY!  I am ever so grateful to have this as my mission.

Here is a recent personal bio I wrote for an event I’m teaching at in a few weeks:

Andrea Chebeleu is the founder and creative behind A Work of Heart, a mixed media, art and jewelry workshop and marketplace in San Jose.  Andrea’s 3 young adult children and husband of 25 years all participate to some degree with the business that has been growing since 1998.  Andrea’s deeply held believe that we are all made in the likeness of our Creator weaves its way into her approach of teaching and encouraging everyone to embrace that creativity.  In her San Jose studio, A Work of Heart, Andrea has created a space for people to gather & connect as they learn new skills to inspire joyfilled creative living.
That pretty much sums it up!
Here are the places you can find me on Social Media.  Thank you for following and sharing.
Etsy is where you will find my custom handmade items for sale (books & jewelry)

E-List – I send out a weekly newsletter exclusive offers and information

Instagram (this is what I use most often!)
Facebook (the main page)
A Work of Heart Studio Tribe  (a Private Facebook group for local-ish students who intend to come in the studio for class)
YouTube (this is where all my free tutorials are)

2 Replies to “Social Media Links”

  1. It is so hard! I’m working to control the scroll. I spend too much time scrolling. Have you considered having one of your staff be the designated social media manager? 🙂

  2. Great idea Kristina, I do need to balance the “being in the know” and staying up to date with trends with getting sucked into unnecessary “rabbit hole” scrolling!

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