So a new year has started and new book clubs are getting underway.

It might be time again to talk a little bit about what book club is and what it isn’t.

What it is:  A gathering of individuals interested in learning and practicing techniques guided by an artist’s book.  Each hands-on session is stand-alone and you are welcome to sign up for the series OR individual sessions as your schedule permits.

What it isn’t:  A time to sit around and talk about a book we’ve read

Pretty simple, huh?

So, the book we are covering first is Annie O’Brien Gonzales’s new book titled “The Joy of Acrylic Painting”

The times this book is being offered are

Check out the first project we did this week

Monday mornings from 10am-12pm starting January 8 and running through March 5

Friday Mornings from 10am-12pm starting January 12 and running through March 2 (pending registrations, the start/end date may change)

Thursday nights from from 6pm-8pm starting February 1 and running through April 5

very soon these will be listed as individual session for registration.  Until then you can still join in the whole series and make up what you missed.

The other book I’m starting in February is titled “Everyday Watercolor” by Jenna Rainey

It will meet on Friday afternoons from 1-3pm starting February 2 and running through March 30

I’d love to add another book or two to the calendar as they are just great opportunities for groups to gather together on a weekly basis.  You make new friends and learn new things as you build skills and live an art filled life.  Let me know if there is a day & time that would work for you and a book you might be interested in studying and I’ll see what I can do!


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