Next Up…Watercolor, Mono Print Painting & Art Journaling

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Artist Danielle Donaldson has walked a creative path for as long as she can remember. Her love of art began, as most young souls do, with a big box of crayons and a stack of coloring books. Over time, she focused her artistic efforts in watercolor and graphite drawing techniques and eventually received her degree in Graphic Design. Her love of fine art paired with her skills as a graphic designer have provided her with an uncommon pairing of intuition and practicality. Her use of big color palettes and delicately drawn details allow her to spin the ordinary into imaginative and balanced compositions. She continues to grow as an artist by fully embracing the creative process in all she does and with each story she tells. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her process and imagination through online classes, in-person workshops, social media and in her book, creativeGIRL: Mixed Media Techniques for an artful life. She is currently preparing for the release of her second book, The Art of Creative Watercolor, available for pre-order on Amazon in late summer-2018.

Danielle will share her experience with watercolor in this charming painting featuring an illustrated bloom-filled Mama Cat.  Danielle is always super generous with her sharing of techniques and expertise.  Click below to register

Mama Cat Illustrated Watercolor Workshop with Danielle Donaldson
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Next up  and first Guest Artist of 2018 is Nathalie Kalbach. **NOTE** As of December 7 this class has been postponed to summer 2018**


Last year Nathalie visited and we had a blast!  Her teaching style is so relaxed and informative.  I was first recommended to Nat by mutual friend Julie Balzer.  She was a great fit for the studio and I can’t wait to have her back.  This year she is offering 2 workshops.

  1. Mono Print Painting

Join me for a day long class in Mono Print Painting.

We will dive into the basics of mixed media mono printing first and I will introduce you to

the Mono Print Painting technique inspired by H.N. Werkman. I will show you different

ways to create elaborate and layered mono printed paintings using self made tools as

well as stamps and stencils. I will share with you my thinking process on developing the

technique and how you can put your own personal spin on it, so that you can take this

even further.

2. Art Rules – Art in Translation Art Journaling

Let’s explore several master artists and get inspired by their artwork and

techniques to create wonderful and unique art journal pages.

Whether it be the Impressionist’s amazing color combinations or some of the

Surrealist’s fun collage techniques, there are many different Master Artists whose skills

can serve as a starting point for your own artwork. Find out what you like and what

works for you. Learn about opacity and layering, colors, troubleshooting, mixing

materials, making your own tools, creating backgrounds and patterns. We will work with

acrylic paints, inks, markers, wax bars and other paint media to create dimension and

texture. We will make the most of stencils, stamps, mono printing plates and generic

tools to make our own mark.

Get ready to Rule Your Art Journal!



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