“A Work of Heart exists to inspire your creativity” has been a tag line on the website for some time now but what does that mean?

Last month I was introduced to Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” Ted Talk.  The message resonated with me deeply.

Amidst the very busy packing and purging process for the studio re-location my mind has been mulling over our WHY statement.  In order to be really clear about the direction for the next 10 years I’ve reflected on the past 10 and tried to identify “why A Work of Heart?” I think it is important to state that while I never set out to be a creative entrepreneur I can not imagine a different life.  While some days I long for someone else to just tell me what to do, I really love seeing what this little business has grown into from all the interaction I’ve had with you, my creative friends, over the years.


One thing that makes the studio special is that here we “gather” in a like-minded creative community to share an experience.  There are so many ways you can learn these days for little or no expense, however, there is immeasurable value in gathering together with a group to create.

Here you are surrounded by “your people.”

We gather to share ideas and resources as we encourage each other as lifelong learners.

We witness firsthand the amazing way a group of individuals can receive the same instructions and each come up with unique results.

It is in this gathering that we nurture a creative spirit.

Watch for part 2 when I talk about the Connecting that happens here.

While you wait, here is an opportunity to pay it forward.

Gathering should not be an exclusive opportunity.  There are many who can not afford the luxury of paying for a workshop or class.  I am inspired to create a scholarship fund to open the studio up to many more who could benefit from our gathering and subsequent nurturing.

If you would like to contribute to this fund in a financial way you can send a check to A Work of Heart at 176 Race Street and mark “scholarship” in the memo section.  I am working on a way to make this easy to do online.  A little testing shows that a donation button using paypal gives paypal 33% of the donation (not cool!)

Alternatively, you can simply send money through paypal as a friend to andrea@aworkofheart.com and add a message that it should be applied to the scholarship fund.

If you are interested in applying to utilize some of these funds you can email andrea(at)aworkofheart(dot)com to inquire about availability.



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