Roxanne Coble (aka by bun) is our next featured artist.

Roxanne came to teach August 18.

img_20160818_202505 img_20160818_203414 img_20160818_203426 img_20160819_111724 img_20160819_153548 img_20160819_153555 img_20160819_153624 img_20160819_153902  img_20160819_153935 img_20160819_162428

here is a list of ways to follow Roxanne

+ youtube channel: madebybun
(check out my daily vlogs for december!)
+ email:
+ instagram: @bybun
+ facebook: like by bun
+ twitter: @madebybun
+ snapchat: ‘bybunrox’
+ pinterest: by bun
+ bloglovin’: by bun

As a special deal for you  today we are offering Roxanne’s recently released stencils for 35% off

Buy Bat/Rat Stencil

Buy Wolf Stencil

Buy Bunny Stencil

These stencils are normally $14 each, yours for only $9.10 each (plus tax for CA residents)

Shipping in the US is $2.65 for 1 or more.

Click here to pay for shipping



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