Latest offering yet.  Today you get one of my latest obsessions!  Labels!!  Yes, you read that right, labels are my latest obsession.  I have printed some of my favorite bits of artwork onto labels for you to use as you wish.  They make great pops of color in your art journals, on your planner pages, as to/from labels on packages, and anywhere you might use plain old boring tape!

Today’s deal is for 3 full color sheets printed for only $4.50 (normally $6)

Unfortunately, the lighting on my photos is rubbish so I’ll have to wait until the 15th to actually post them.

Here is a sampling and never fear, I will extend the deal time.


More details tomorrow!


4 Replies to “Final 16 – Day 14”

  1. Good morning Andrea, I love these and will be ordering some. A question for you though, do you sell the needles we used for the weekly journal project? I made a journal yesterday from the paper I bought from you and used a yarn tapestry needle, which is a little big. I have lots more paper to go that I wanted to make into journals and wanted to use a better size needle. I have book binding needles but have never been able to thread them with the waxed linen I have. If you do have some for sale I wanted to see if you could ship them to me with the labels. Thank you, Nancy

  2. Hi Andrea, I did not see the needles on your Etsy site. Can you still add them and bill me through Paypal? Thank you

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