Artful Life Calendar Journal – 2017

I’m really excited to prepare my journal for “living in” next year.  I have so many cool ideas to make creating and capturing art weekly an attainable goal.

Check out this youtube clip I made showing you my previous journals and explaining a little more about what it even is!


I have 4 options for you to pick from (our standard book club times) for the in person 5 week series starting NEXT WEEK!  Note:  We don’t meet during Thanksgiving week.

Monday Mornings 10am-12pm

Tuesday Evenings 6pm-8pm

Wednesday Afternoons 3:30pm-5:30pm

Thursday Afternoons 1pm-3pm


Not only will you learn and create during the 10 hours of this workshop you will enjoy a creative community of others who also want to make time for being creative more regularly.

For those who can’t make it to one of these 4 session times (which are all interchangeable btw)  We will be offering a Saturday Night/Sunday intensive before the end of the year.  Email me to let me know if you are interested in doing something like this.

For those of you outside the bay area, this will be available as an online class with an optional supply kit as well.  Look for the announcement here on the blog in the next few weeks.



8 Replies to “Artful Life Calendar Journal – 2017”

  1. HI Andrea, I would definitely be interested in a Saturday night/Sunday intense class. I cannot do the other times you offer. Thank you so much for this option! I hope you get enough people. I would be interested in a kit too. Nancy Kvorka

  2. Hi Andrea, I a interested, but living in the Atlanta area, I cannot attend. I see you are going. Offer this online, later. Would you be willing to give us a way to sign up if we are interested? Great fun!

  3. Andrea, I’m very interested in the Monday mornings but I cannot make next Monday…..can I come Tuesday night that week instead? Am I reading that correctly?


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  4. Hi Andrea,The Sat night Sunday intensive sounds fun! Please let me know if/ when you decide on dates. Thanks,Marline 

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  5. Will do Marline. Are there any weekends that work better for you than any other? It is possible to do it in one day if you pick up the kit prior to class and prep the surfaces with gesso.

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