Pam Carriker & Mary Beth Shaw Day 1

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This will be a blog post of very few words but lots of photos…

IMG_20160710_152752 IMG_20160710_152807 IMG_20160710_152812 IMG_20160710_153119 IMG_20160710_153125 IMG_20160710_153140 IMG_20160710_172240 IMG_20160710_172251 IMG_20160710_172257 IMG_20160710_172312 IMG_20160710_172409 IMG_20160710_172431 IMG_20160710_172438 IMG_20160710_172444 IMG_20160710_172452 IMG_20160710_172502 IMG_20160710_172513 IMG_20160710_172528 IMG_20160710_172549 IMG_20160710_173240 IMG_20160710_173244 IMG_20160710_173300 IMG_20160710_173306 IMG_20160710_173329 IMG_20160710_173339 IMG_20160710_173346 IMG_20160710_173406 IMG_20160710_173415 IMG_20160710_173420 IMG_20160710_173441 IMG_20160710_173457 IMG_20160710_173545 IMG_20160710_173551 IMG_20160710_173612 IMG_20160710_173630


This was a day of making “parts” for building on.


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