New Month – Better Blogging!

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I’ve been an awful blogger this year so far.  Every month that rolls around I think “this month I’ll do better”  then the 1st rolls right on past without me taking action.

So, even though I don’t think I’ll do any sort of official challenge I do want to try to post more.  Starting NOW!

Here are a few things going on recently (in no particular order)

  1. Fostering Kittens:  We (my family) have started fostering kittens through the Animal Shelter in San Martin.  We are currently caring for 6 babies.  4 tabbies and 2 tuxedos (5 girls/1 boy)  If you or anyone you know are looking to adopt…I’m your connection!!IMG_20160624_141741
  2. I’ve been developing a new class with my friend Annette.  Here is a glimpse.
    It is an etched metal mini book featuring the coptic stitch.  Keep your eyes open for this workshop.  comment below if you are interested.
  3. More Guest Teachers:  We are booking teachers left and right.  The latest addition is Roxanne Coble on August 18 & 19
    Microsoft Word - Mini Art Journals.docx
    click here for more information on the Thursday night class

    Microsoft Word - Fantastical Fauna_class one sheet.docx
    click here for more information on the Friday day class

  4. New Enameling Series (adult jewelry camp):  This week we introduce a new  enameling series.
    This week it is offered from 10am-12pm Tuesday through Friday .  click here for more information on the whole series. We will be adding it to the evening calendar in the near future.  Also, classes can be taken individually by looking at our regular calendar here.
  5. I’m closing the shop  on Sunday AND Monday:  I just decided today that since I had no requests and no sign-ups for classes on Sunday that I would enjoy a day off with my husband.  We are “empty nesting” for another week.

That’s it for now…I’ve got more to share in the next few’s to hoping for a more regular blogging practice.  Thanks for reading!!




4 Replies to “New Month – Better Blogging!”

  1. I wish I lived closer so I could be at your shop every waking hour!!!! How about doing some classes online?

  2. You will be the first to know when it goes on the calendar Laura. Do you have a preference of weekend or week night or Friday day? I think I know the answer…

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