It has been a while since I’ve simply posted art for the sake of posting.

Pinterest pinged me this morning saying that my Art Journaling Board followers haven’t seen anything new from me lately 😉  Thanks pinterest…yet another thing to add to my ever growing to-do list.


I do love to feature words on my art journal pages.  More so than imagery…


I love to create a big “mess” then mask out words by laying chipboard letters over top and spraying..This will “calm” the background down a bit.


Most of these pages are ready for some finishing touches..maybe a little more journaling or doodles in black/white


The pages above are the demo pages for my Art Journaling 101 class.

And the latest book club selection “Intuitive Painting Workshop” by Alena Hennessy has been a stretch for me..definitely trying new things and learning in this one.  Painting “intuitively” is still really hard for me.  My number one take away from the first two lessons is to keep moving and doing…don’t sit and think about it too long…just keep going!

Here is last night’s painting



2 Replies to “Latest Art Journal pages”

  1. Thanks Karen! Come and play soon. The artful lettering for your art journal class is a good one if you have backgrounds down already.

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