Painted Blossoms Book Club 2nd chance!

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*********Edited 10/14/15************

The 2nd chance sessions are currently scheduled for Mondays 10am-12pm starting 10/19/15 OR Thursdays 1pm-3pm starting November 5th

Click here to pay for the whole series.  Note..Mondays will cover 7 sessions, Thursdays will only cover 6 sessions.


I’ve so enjoyed facilitating the Painted Blossoms for the past 6 weeks.  We are finishing up the session this coming Tuesday.  I’ve shown the projects to our other book club and many of them are asking for another go at it.

Take a look at the photos and let me know if you are interested in joining us.  We are looking at Monday morning 10am-12pm OR Wednesday morning 10am-12pm OR Thursday afternoon 1pm-3pm.  Email if you are interested.

Here are the class projects from the past 4 weeks.

wk3_1 wk3_2 wk3_3 wk3_4 wk3_5 wk3_6 wk3_7 wk3_8 wk3_andrea wk3_andrea2 wk4_1 wk4_2 wk4_3 wk4_4 wk4_5 wk4_6 wk4_7 wk5_1 wk5_2 wk5_3 wk5_4 wk5_5 wk5_6 wk6_1 wk6_2 wk6_3 wk6_4 wk6_5 wk6_6


6 Replies to “Painted Blossoms Book Club 2nd chance!”

  1. Andrea, my preference is Thurs. but could do Wed. am. I won’t be abled until Nov. 3rd. Thanks. Corky

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  2. Hi Andrea, I would like to sign up for the Painted Blossoms Book Club for Thursday from 1 to 3. I looked at the class schedule but it had 7 sessions listed and I thought we only had 6 sessions. I can give you a check for the whole thing at class on Thursday, October 15. Thanks, Phyllis Bigelow

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