Pictures from Painted Blossoms Book Club

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I’m so in love with this latest book we are covering on Tuesday mornings.  I feel like these will be  some long lasting workshops even after book club is over…especially today’s drippy flowers!

Here are weeks #1 & #2 with our happy painters

chalk1 chalk2 chalk3 chalk4 chalk5 chalk6 chalk7 chalk8 chalk9class drippy_andrea drippy_cathy drippy_Jane drippy_jenny drippy_linda drippy_shelley drippy_unk drippy_unknown


















We are really enjoying the flowers…there are still 5 weeks of classes left and it’s not too late to join the fun.  See something you like?  Request a re-run and let me know when you are available.

Loving what you see?  Check out Carrie Schmitt’s Blog here.  We have a few copies of the book left in the shop.


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