Around the Studio pt. 1

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My daughter Hannah is an avid photographer.  She works for me on and off during her free time.  Yesterday I asked her to capture some shots around the studio to give people a good idea of what it is like here. I plan to use these on my new website (in the works) but thought you’d enjoy a preview of a few of my favorites here…








There are so many more to share but I’ll stop with these for now…stay tuned

3 Replies to “Around the Studio pt. 1”

  1. Andrea, Word you please put me on a waiting list for “In Bloom” book altering class ? I know it is full, but I am hoping you will have a cancellation do I can join in the fun! Thanks so much Love, Judy PS Hannah’s photos are GREAT!!


  2. Sure thing Judy. You are first on the waitlist.

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