Our regular book club attendees couldn’t take the fact that we usually don’t have book club in the summer because of all the camps going on…SO….I am offering a new book this summer on the Fridays I am in town (listed below) .  Each class meets from 10am-12pm.  Click below to sign up for the entire session or just pick and choose projects and come to the ones you can.  Each date has a link to registration (you’re welcome)

I hope you will join us for some great mixed media workshops on Friday mornings this summer.  (we have air conditioning!)

I’m certain you will enjoy this new (hot off the press) book by Sue Pelletier

Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – Bleach Pen Suitcases 6/12/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – Seal the Heart with Beeswax 6/26/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – Tutu Dress 7/03/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – The Stenciled Word 7/10/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – Impasto Medium 7/31/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw – Gesso as Medium&Binder 8/07/2015
Book Club: Collage,Paint,Draw -HVAC Tape 8/14/2015




Click here to sign up for all 7 sessions (at a 10% discount from individual session pricing)


4 Replies to “New Summer Book Club”

  1. You know me well enough to know that I don’t have the samples done yet Lynda 😉 I can’t publish photos from the inside of the book (copyright issues) so the best I can do is have you come on by and take a look in the book to see what we are doing. It is a lot of plaster and textured items!

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years, and this post persuaded me to buy this book, and then finally register for one of your classes! Looking forward to The Stenciled Word!

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