Juicy Soul Retreat – Just 2 Weeks Away!

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Have you signed up yet?  Space is limited for this “spa day for your soul.”

Each session is formatted the same yet participant after participant all concur that they get “something different” out of each session.  Julie and I love sharing our journals and the process/techniques that we have been using most recently in our journals.

We are often asked “What do you ‘do’ with a finished journal page?”

Here are 10 ideas…Start by scanning, photographing or photocopying your page.

1. Create framed art
2. Make Cards
3. Create a bunting
4. Make Tags
5. Make Envelopes
6. Scan & make Fabric
7. Upload your designs to Society 6 and make anything!
8. Create wrapping paper for small packages
9. Make Digital artwork for blogs, etc. (our logo for the retreat is a perfect example of this!)
10. Make collage sheets for jewelry

Here are some sweet buttons I made with a scanned journal page in the background.  Comment on this post and I’ll do a drawing at the retreat and send you a free button!

Featured Image -- 3640


Juicy Soul Retreat

Sunday, May 17, 11am-5pm

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6 Replies to “Juicy Soul Retreat – Just 2 Weeks Away!”

  1. What great ideas! Do you use old dictionaries for the words you placed on the buttons? I love the way you upcycle and reuse.

  2. @afitimage I do use old dictionaries a lot. I have created “contact sheets” with my favorite words on one sheet then I scan that sheet and can print it out as many times as I need so I will never run out of the perfect words.

  3. Just found your artwork website after watching your class with the Truth Scrap. Love how your journaling pages are artful and personal. Thanks for sharing!

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