One Word Wednesday – Begin


and sometimes begin again…

Trying to find a word that resonated with me today…this week…at this very moment when I have a to-do list a mile long swirling around in my head…I thought “list” would be a good place to start…but even better than list is the simple thought “begin”…sometimes that is all it takes.  Rather than just thinking about and trying to remember, I need to simply begin…and to begin might very well mean to make a list, but rather than just THINK about it…I choose today to take action and begin.

What about you?  Is the overwhelm sometimes paralyzing?  Join me as I take a deep breath today and simply “begin”.


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  1. I forwarded your blog post to a friend who is struggling. Thank you for offering this POWER word for today, it was very welcome and timely.

  2. wow! I’ve been up most of the night praying so hard and worrying myself sick. Yours is truly a message from God for me. I need to start on my new life, whether I want to or not. You are a blessing. Thank you

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