One Word Wednesday – Begin

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and sometimes begin again…

Trying to find a word that resonated with me today…this week…at this very moment when I have a to-do list a mile long swirling around in my head…I thought “list” would be a good place to start…but even better than list is the simple thought “begin”…sometimes that is all it takes.  Rather than just thinking about and trying to remember, I need to simply begin…and to begin might very well mean to make a list, but rather than just THINK about it…I choose today to take action and begin.

What about you?  Is the overwhelm sometimes paralyzing?  Join me as I take a deep breath today and simply “begin”.


2 Replies to “One Word Wednesday – Begin”

  1. wow! I’ve been up most of the night praying so hard and worrying myself sick. Yours is truly a message from God for me. I need to start on my new life, whether I want to or not. You are a blessing. Thank you

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