When people ask me what we do at the Juicy Soul Retreat Julie and I have been hosting for the past 5 years here is the short answer:

We make juicy magic all day in a studio filled with abundant supplies and other creatives who “get it”.

I could go on and on about what we think about Juicy Soul Retreat but I think our past participants say it better.

“Thank you….enjoyed the time and learning from and with each other! Loved watching “balance” emerge.” (Billie)

“I don’t know what came over me yesterday as you started the class, with the first brush strokes, I felt this burst of tears and had to run to the bathroom, it was just such a lovely bunch of women and the energy and laughter felt so lovely and the permission to go ahead and be an artist just felt crazy overwhelming! I’m not really a mad english lady, I think I’ve just kept a whole lot bottled up all these years, so thank you for the permission to find my inner artist, thank you for sharing your amazing space and so generously sharing all your wonderful supplies and super fabulous artistic passion!

I had the time of my life and it has rubbed off on everybody at home, you are changing the world with what you do, really making a difference, one person at a time, it’s so therapeutic and healing, I feel like a truly happy mama this morning and that has to be a good thing!” (Christine C.)

“Awesome day! My 2nd JSR & I feel like I got something totally different out of this one. It was “jucier”…i felt more confident, playful, just letting pages emerge, not worried about ‘right’, the round robin was a great place to start & let go! Andrea & Julie, thank you so much!” (Billie)

I came feeling apprehensive and left feeling empowered.  (Barbara)

And these are just the comments I could find quickly…there are many more.  If you’ve been to a Juicy Soul Retreat before please leave a comment below and let folks know what you got out of it.

The next opportunity for you to join us for a full day immersion in the art of visual art  journaling (not the writing type of journaling) is Sunday, May 17 from 11am-5pm.  Click here to register.



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