I’ve recently been introduced to CreativeLive by the lovely and savvy Lain Ehmann

I’m thrilled to be participating in the studio as a student for Stephenie Hamen’s Mixed Media classes on Thursday and Friday this week. (april 9/10)

CreativeLive is so cool.  They offer a variety of educational events free to anyone LIVE!  If you can’t make the times they are airing, you can pay for anytime access.  Check them out!!


This is Stephenie’s Introduction to Mixed Media class on Thursday from 9am-Noon (click here to RSVP) you can watch it for FREE!

640 (1)

Next is Mixed Media on Wood from 12:45-4pm (click here to RSVP) again..watch for free!

640 (2)

And on Friday is 3-D Mixed Media Art Display from 9am-12noon (Click here to RSVP) you guessed it…free again!

This is such a cool opportunity on so many levels.  I hope you take advantage of the free classes and RSVP today to watch along at home.  I”m looking forward to meeting Stephenie and the whole CreativeLive experience is sure to be inspirational.


One Reply to “CreativeLive April 9&10”

  1. Creative Live is so cool. I’ll often have a class on one screen while I’m working on the other. I’m looking forward to creating with you at Stephanie’s classes!

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