I am a big believer in the “do what you love” school of thought…I encourage my kids to find pursue their passion as a career.

What do you love to do?  Do you make time to do it? Why or why not?

2 Replies to “One Word Wednesday – love”

  1. What good timing you have, Andrea! I was just reminding myself, this morning, that I need to make more time to do what I love. I want to spend more time trying new art techniques, which is why I took a class this month! Then I came home and let all the details in life distract me. Maybe I need to designate a day that I don’t do anything else, at least for a few hours, and hide myself away with headphones on, and just play.

  2. Thanks for your response Cindy! I’ve actually set a timer for myself to go off weekly (Monday at Noon) to remind me to spend some time learning something new. I have a subscription to skillshare.com and it is amazing how easy it is for me to put it out of my mind and let the mundane day to day take over…I hope you do spend some time trying new art techniques…It is so go for the soul!

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