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I’ve been quite busy today..lucky for me, the studio has been kinda quiet so I could get some major multi-tasking work done.

Finished tomorrow’s class sample (Book Club: Exploring Mixed Media Collage)

The one on the right is my interpretation of the book’s project shown on the left.

We do each project in an art journal and this is my first time using beeswax on an art journal page…I think I”ll add some micro glaze to the surface to keep it from being sticky.

Next up…A custom project for a client who is ordering 6 bracelets for her friend who is going to cancer treatment right now…each piece will have the definitions for “courage” “faith” and “strength”.  I can’t wait to put these together tomorrow.

Believe it or not…it is time for getting all my ducks in a row for summer camps…yes…just two clicks away on the calendar, you will notice all the June, July & August daytime classes are on the calendar…this is the time for me to go around taking new photos of the class samples (or making new samples as needed)…so many details …

Here are my shots for the Jewelry Camp coming up the weeks of June 15 & July 13

So..that is my highly productive 6 hours of work …what about you, what did you accomplish on this Monday morning?

2 Replies to “Miscellaneous Monday – Pix”

  1. Hi Andrea, I wanted to run a question by you. I purchased two glitters monogram pictures from you at Christmas and you delivered them to me in Los Gatos. Do you know who Tracy Verdugo is? She’s this awesome painter from Australia. She is currently traveling for 9 months teaching at art stores in the U.S. And a broad. She teaches in art stores. I keep hoping she can get up to Nor Cal but says she has not found a host up here yet. Do you think you would be interested? Or do you know of another art store? She is booked out everywhere. She is amazing. If you think it’s an option she has a website or she’s on FB to contact her. Please let me know if you are interested or can refer someone. Thank you Gayle Gartin 408-348-9534

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  2. Gayle we have contacted her and did not make it on her lost for this tour but are supposedly on the list to be informed when her next USA tour is booking. I am very familiar with her art. I’ve taken a workshop with her and have lead a bookclub based on her paint mojo book as well as been inspired by her work for my “make your mark – Mixed Media workshop”.

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