This weekend was spent immersed in the creative lifestyle.  At one point my friend Julie asked me what being creative means to me (or some such thing.)

I responded that being creative is something I was born with (as we all are).  I believe I was made in my Creator’s image and my creativity and it’s expression(making art) is one way I can honor that gift.  I do know that when I focus on this thought in quiet (meditative) moments I am aware of and inspired by the beauty found in nature….colors…patterns…shapes.  I am blessed beyond my comprehension to be able to take this gift and bless others by providing a space for them to express their creativity as well.  It is one big circle of giving!


What about you?  What drives you to create?

This is the first of hopefully many “One Word Wednesdays”…most won’t be this ‘deep’…some will be silly…but I hope you will play along with me…add a link to your blog post below so we can see what your word is today!

One Reply to “One Word Wednesday – Create”

  1. Create. Even in the middle of a remodel. Even with 90% of my supplies in storage. Even with no privacy, no sleep, seemingly no free time. Being creative keeps me going- a blessing! and is my inspiration for all my other tasks.
    Great word, Andrea!

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