Miscellaneous Monday – Treasures from the Weekend

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Julie Valentine and I get away together 2 times a year to create and dream about creating.  It never fails that when I remind my family that I’ll be leaving for the weekend they say “didn’t you just do that?” You’re kidding, right?  Last time I got away was in AUGUST…I’m happy to report they did survive without me (even if dear old dad did NOT maintain the 17 year old’s restriction from ‘adventures’)

This weekend Julie and I dreamed up some new ideas for blog posts.  I long to be more consistent in this area of my creative life.  If for no other reason than it gives me something to look back on and track what I’ve been up to in the previous months (because who am I kidding…August DOES feel like yesterday)

One idea will debut on Wednesday (yes, just two days away!) but the other just struck me this morning…Miscellaneous Monday…often I come in to the studio with an agenda for the week but am easily sidetracked by the miscellaneous “stuff” that is leftover from the weekend..  Today, as I was unpacking my travel bags from my adventure I couldn’t help but dig through my scores from the Antique Market (2nd Sunday of every month in Santa Cruz!) Julie and I meandered through yesterday.

So here you have it, the first (of hopefully many) Miscellaneous Monday.

Funky buttons found in my $12 box!


Treasure… No such thing as “enough” buttons… I may have a problem…



But seriously how sweet will this bracelet be for the right person? And the vintage paper doilies.. Oh my..




2 Replies to “Miscellaneous Monday – Treasures from the Weekend”

  1. I would enjoy hearing more about your creative endeavors more often. Sounds like a fantastic plan.

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