Book Description

Collage Inspiration, Ideas and New Techniques!

Inside Explore Mixed Media Collage, authors Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae transform timeless and classic techniques into fresh, trendy artwork. You will learn not only which techniques to use and how to best combine them, but you’ll also follow along with tons of easy step-by-step demonstrations along the way.

  • 20+ deconstructed projects to inspire your very own collage-making
  • Showcasing 32 timeless and classic techniques with modern twists from creating your own personal stamps and stencils to creating dimensional objects with plaster wrap and more
  • Three powerful sections that build off one another, starting with basic techniques, moving into step-by-step projects, and ending with a fantastic idea-generating collage gallery

We will be covering 7 of the projects in the book

1. Bounty of Secrets – Pg. 44 (March 3, 10am) (March 3, 6:30pm)
2. Winter’s Whisper – Pg. 50 (March 10, 10am) (March 10, 6:30pm)
3. Song in my Heart – Pg. 60 (March 17, 10am) (March 17, 6:30pm)
4. Heart of Home – Pg. 76 (March 24, 10am) (March 24, 6:30pm)
5. Joyful Hearts – Pg. 80 (March 31, 10am) (March 31, 6:30pm)
6. French Historian – Pg. 84 (April 7, 10am) (April 7, 6:30pm)
7. Sweet Heart – Pg. 92 (April 14, 10am) (April 14, 6:30pm)

I’ve chosen these projects due to the fact that they can be easily adapted to be created on an art journal page. We will create the pages on watercolor paper

Click here to Sign up for all 7 sessions
(discounted 10% off individual session price)

 $189 for 7 Sessions
Tuesday Mornings 10am – 12pm OR Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm – 12:30pm
March 3 – April 14, 2015

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