I truly enjoyed the challenge of offering the “first fourteen” at the other end of this year we are finishing up.


I often feel behind in the whole “retail” aspect of my business.  To be honest that is NOT my passion….being a hands-on maker of things is where I loose all track of time.  I hope you will follow along and pick up some customized goodies these first fourteen days of the final month of 2014.  I figured I’d give you a chance to find some handmade (#shopsmall ) gifts sooner rather than later.

Here is the first offering

Words to Wear


Click here to hop on over to etsy and purchase as many as you like with your own customized word in the font of your choosing.  Only $5 each


2 Replies to “Final Fourteen – Day 1”

  1. Is it easier to order these direct….. That way you get the cash and not esty. I would like 5 that say “sisters rock!” and 10 that say “Brave Ali”

    Thanks, Annette

  2. Done! Thanks Annette. I”ll send you a paypal invoice if you want me to send them to you or you can pay in person. I’ll have them done by Wednesday.

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