Book Club – Paint Mojo (Sept/Oct)

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New start dates are Tuesday, September 2nd (10am-12pm) OR Thursday, September 4th (6:30pm-8:30pm)

Here are the first 3 lessons I’ve completed on 12″x18″ watercolor paper.

I will be breaking the 8 week series up into individual sessions sometime over this weekend so if you want to get the discounted price ($25 per session) sign up sooner rather than later.  Price goes up to $30 per session on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q:What if I can’t make it to all the sessions?
A:  You have the option of coming to EITHER Tuesday morning OR Thursday evening in any given week.  Should you sign up for the whole series and know in advance  that you will be missing a session, arrangements can be made for you to have studio time (non-instruction time) and have access to the supplies and book for reference so you can make up the lesson(s) you missed.

Q: Do I have to bring anything?
A: Just yourself and optionally a journal.  We will be providing watercolor paper for all of the lessons.  If you would like to work on a canvas instead, you may bring that(or purchase one here).  All paints & mediums are provided as part of your class fee.

Q: My babysitter just bailed on me, can I bring my child to class?
A: As much as we love kids, this is an adult class.  We try to be accommodating with last minute emergencies but please try to have a backup plan.  You may always ask for studio time make-up in case of a last minute emergency.

Q: I’m only interested in a few of the lessons, can I pick and choose which classes I’ll attend?
A:  Yes!  On the first day of the book club(or maybe even a couple of days before), all the classes will be individually listed for the remaining 8 weeks.  Note that the first class is already listed individually so you can sign up for a “try it” session to see if you are interested in the whole series.

Q:  I’m a total beginner, is this appropriate for me?
A:  YES!  Book Club is a great place to start.  I encourage every level of experienced individual to join us but especially beginners.

Q: Do I have to own the book to attend?
A: While it is helpful and encouraged it is not required.  We have the book in the shop and you are welcome to share the teacher’s copy as it is available.

Q: What do I do with the artwork I make in book club (Believe me..this question IS asked)
A: This session we will be working on Watercolor Paper and I will devote some time showing you how to bind all 8 lesions up into a 9×12 book.

Q:  What if I can’t pay the whole $200 up front?  Can I make payments?
A: Absolutely.  If you want to commit to the whole 8 weeks we can break the 200 up into 3 payments of $67 (final payment is $66)

Hopefully that answers all your questions and you are ready to sign up!  We look forward to another fun and inspirational session with you.

Here is the link to the Tuesday Morning Sessions

Here is the link to the Thursday Evening Sessions

If you want to come but want to pay in the first day simply use the RSVP button to reserve your space and in the notes say “will pay in class”


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