New book club starts(August 26/28)

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I can’t wait to dive into this book by the lovely and inspiring Tracy Verdugo.

The will be 2 days/times to pick from.

Tuesday mornings at 10 am or Thursday evenings at 630 pm

8 sessions and an optional add on weekend (Saturday night/Sunday)  workshop “tying it all together”

A 2 hour book club session is typically $30 and includes supplies (think “assisted studio time”)  When you sign up for the whole series (would be $240) you pay only $200 ($25 per session)

Week 1- making marks, making meaning (pg22)
Week 2 –  sacred transformation painting (pg36)
Week 3 –  outside the square (pg48)
Week 4 –  color journal (p59)
Week 5 –  palette prints (p76)
Week 6 –  little book of dreams (p88)
Week 7 –  connecting through other cultures (p106)
Week 8 –  inky sojourn (p118)

And for the optional add-on grand finale ($115 includes lunch and 30×30 canvas)
Putting it all together
October 25 (630-930pm) &  October 26 (11-5pm)

The grand finale is available at this price for book club participants. (regular price is $149)


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