Steven James is in the studio this Sunday with 2 workshops.

First his “h2oh!” enameling will teach you how to get some amazing Watercolor effects on enameled pieces.  Click to register.

And second is his bullseye pendant that teaches you enameling on domed (rounded/cupped)  pieces and cold connection (riveting)  so the layers all have movement. Click to register.

There is space in both workshops.




Next from 2-4pm is Heidi Nelson’s felt and embroidery phone/glasses case workshop.   We will be using luscious 100‰ wool felt and learn /practice some sweet embroidery stitches.  Click here to register



And finally.. If you have ever before attended the juicy soul retreat with Julie and Andrea.. There is an alumni event from 2-5 pm.  Register online here.


If you have always wanted  to attend a juicy soul retreat then this is your chance.

July 27 is the next event.  Sign up here.


2 Replies to “Coming this weekend”

  1. I thought someone might be interested since yu are having enameling classes this weekend. I would like $300. for the whole lot… a real bargain so add a commission for yourself if you would be so kind as to help me sell. thank you so much- hey I’m moving closer to yu so hope to take more classes. nancy

     I am downsizing and need to  sell an electric enameling kiln ( can be used for ceramics or glass also) and a box of enamels, tools, and copper pieces. Photo attached.

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