Loving the latest Book Club Selection

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I was so excited to receive Joanne Sharpe’s new book (The Art of Whimsical Lettering)  that I switched gears and decided to cover it in our Spring Book Club.  We just finished Pam Carriker‘s “Creating Art at the Speed of Life” which was a tough act to follow but Joanne’s book is outstanding.

I’m really enjoying the prompts and visual inspiration.

It isn’t too late to join us.  There are 6 participating on Tuesday mornings and 4 in the Thursday night sessions.  You can always drop in for a single session and try it out.

Jump over to the calendar.

Here is the lineup of what we are doing and when…

April 8/April 11
 Making your “Letter Love” Journal
April 15/April 17 
Artful Letter Play pg 44-48, Artistic Alphabets pg 76-78, Art and Letters pg 97 & 99
April 22/April 24
Artful Letter Play pg 49-53, Artistic Alphabets pg 79-81, Art and Letters pg 100 & 101
April 29/May 1
Artful Letter Play pg 54-57, Artistic Alphabets pg 82-84, Art and Letters pg 102 & 103
May 6/May 8
Artful Letter Play pg 58-61, Artistic Alphabets pg 85-87, Art and Letters pg 108
May 13/May 15
Artful Letter Play pg 62-65, Artistic Alphabets pg 88-90, Art and Letters pg 111
May 20/May 22
Artful Letter Play pg 66-67, Artistic Alphabets pg 91-93, Art and Letters pg 114 & 115

I highly recommend this book!  We carry it in the shop or you can find it online here.



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