My friend Heidi has been making some of the sweetest felt  pieces.  I have convinced her to come in and teach a class featuring some  luscious wool felt.  This little case can be used for cell phones or glasses and will arm you with the skills to go on and stitch your heart out on many other projects.

Check out her lovely pieces in her ETSY shop.

At this point we are trying to find out if there is interest in a class like this.  Please comment below to let me know if you are interested and if you want a daytime/evening/Sunday session.

Here is a picture of the pieces she brought in to show me this week.


6 Replies to “Embroidered Felt Anyone?”

  1. oooh yes please I’d be interested in an embroidery class, Heidi’s work looks adorable!

  2. Yes, definitely interested in an embroidered felt class!! Heidi has some very cute pieces! I would love to learn & it would be great if it was offered on a Sunday.

  3. I’m so glad the interest seems positive so far. We are working on getting the class scheduled a few times so that everyone can have their choice of what time works best for them.

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