Announcing the next book club selection

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So thrilled to have this book (just released)  in my hands.  It is the perfect selection for our spring book club.

Join us for 7 sessions April 1-May 20 (Tuesday mornings)  or April 3 –  may 22 (Thursday nights)
Only $30 per class session or $189 for all 7 sessions

Click here for more information and to register for the full session.

Click here to go to the calendar and register for individual sessions.

Practice Lettering in your very own “letter love”  journal and then add Lettering to your existing art journal pages.

We provide all the supplies you need except your personal art journal.  Bring your favorite Pens and writing tools or just use our stash.


3 Replies to “Announcing the next book club selection”

  1. Is this a second group? Or changing the first book to this new one? Thought we were doing the one of stencils! Missed you all today!!!

  2. Sorry I won’t be able to do this series…was interested in the other book…I’ll catch book club the next time around…thanks!

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