I’ve mentioned before (but it is worth mentioning again) that when I schedule classes, 90% of the time it is like throwing darts at a board.  I put things on the calendar and see what “sticks”.  And by “sticks” I mean what people sign up for.  When you look at our calendar you may see a bunch of classes.  Some days are light and some days are packed.

What a mere visual glance at the calendar does not (yet) tell you is if people are actually signing up for these classes.  I don’t have an exact percentage, but I would guess that 80% of the classes are not held due to lack of sign ups.  We will usually always run a class for even 1 student (exceptions are when we have guest instructors) so I’m not even counting the times when just 1 student signs up.


I am currently working on updating the calendar to add a function that allows you to say “I’d like to take this class but this time doesn’t work for me…let me know when you schedule it on another day/time”.

So, for now I have created a “Class Request Form” (below is just a snap shot of the form…click the picture or link below to be taken to the actual form)


Use this form to say “I’d really like to take (________)  class but can’t make it the time you have it scheduled.  I am available (___________) if you happen to schedule it this day/time I would more likely attend.”


“I saw this class on your calendar once but it hasn’t worked out for my schedule yet.  I’d like to take the class and this is when I’m available.”

Click here to use the class request form to help me fine tune the scheduling.

Thank you so much!  Your using this form makes me more efficient at scheduling what folks want when they are available.


2 Replies to “For Bay Area Locals: Please Help!”

  1. I’ve already used this form and was very pleased that the class I wanted was added to the calendar on the date I requested! Thanks!!!

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