Latest Obsession = New Workshop

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I love it when the unexpected happens to take you in a new and exciting direction.  I’ve been playing in Art Journals for over 5 years now.  Just like my journey with scrapbooking…I can look back at the work I started with and see how I have progressed over the months.  The mediums I use have only varied slightly…I have to admit, I’m a supplies junkie!  Show me a new art supply I haven’t tried yet and I HAVE to try it…though I’m getting sidetracked now.

Starting on the 1st of August I decided to really “LIVE IN” the art journal that I just got back from it’s little trip to Somerset Studios for publication.

You can read about that journey here

I was excited to get this journal back in  my hands.  It represented so much on so many levels (success, validation, commitment, follow through, overcoming fear, community, joy…) I didn’t want to just put it on a shelf with all my other journals dabble in.  I wanted to really use this one…and then it hit me!  I’ve been wanting to do something around art journaling and scripture for a while now.  I happen to subscribe to K-Love’s encouraging word of the day.  I get an encouraging text via email daily.  For the month of August I’ve committed to using my putting these verses in my art journal using eclectic lettering styles.  I’m learning so much as I go along, finding my groove, spending time meditating on scripture and loving every second of it!

Here is my progress so far…



I’m always trying to come up with new workshops to offer here in the studio and this one seems like a natural fit!  This workshop is for anyone with an interest in artful journaling.

If you are intrigued by what you see in art journaling magazines and want to know how to get the mediums and materials to work together…this workshop is for you…
If you want to use up your “juicy papers” and fill up your “dabbled in” art journals…this workshop is for you…
If you want to actually FINISH an art journal page…this workshop is for you…
If you want to be empowered to create art that is just for you without fear of judgement or failure…this workshop is for you…

If any ONE of these statements resonate with you, this workshop is for you.  No matter your level of experience, all you need is a desire.

I am calling this new workshop “Visual Journaling Boot Camp”

Click here to read more about it and to register!  The pre-registration discount is significant so you will want to sign up asap.

All your supplies will be included and at the end of the 8 hours you will have a handcrafted art journal filled with colorful pages and imagery and several pages completed but your mind will be swimming with ideas for filling of every single page.  Continue to make regular art journaling dates at the studio to fill your remaining pages.

Follow me on Instagram (aworkofheartstudio) to watch my personal progress with as I work on the remaining pages in my journal too!


4 Replies to “Latest Obsession = New Workshop”

  1. I would love to do this workshop, but cannot as I live in England. Is there any chance you could produce an online class for it?

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