8 Week Jewelry Workshop – September & October

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It has been a while since I’ve held a jewelry workshop series.  The last one lumped all my current jewelry classes together into one series…this will be no different except it is all NEW classes.

Week 1:  Bead & Button Bracelet (September 9 OR September 12)


This class teaches you how to make your own jump rings and head pins as you create a precious bracelet packed with wire wrapped beads and vintage buttons.

Week 2:  Etching (September 16 or September 19)


Learn to etch on Brass, Copper and Nickle as you create pieces that can be turned into bracelets, earrings, pendants & even rings.

Week 3:  Torched & Textured (September 23 or September 26)


Learn to flood solder onto sheet metal and stamp into the molten solder.  You will also learn to work with copper tubing to create areas for filling with resin.

Week 4: Disc Cutting, Dapping & Riveting (September 30 or October 3)

Using our disc cutter you will fabricate metal discs onto which you will stamp and texture to your heart’s desire.  Afterwards you will dap (round or dome) your discs and rivet (cold connection) an embellishment into place.  Your finished pieces can be combined as shown here into a bracelet or a set of earrings and necklace.

Week 5:  Fused Silver (October 7 or October 10)


Learn the properties of fine silver wire and how incredibly awesome it is that you can use a torch and actually melt it!  Well…really…technically “fuse” it.  Make easy rings & loops that can be used as jewelry components in so many pieces.

Week 5:  Crystal Clay – Bezels & Molds (October 14 or October 17)

Crystal Clay (Epoxy Clay) is all the rage…It is a two part clay that you mix and press into pendant trays or into molds.  You can stamp on it, press crystals and cup chain into it…oh the possibilities are endless…Talk about easy peasy BLING-A-LICIOUS…if that is your thing…otherwise, it also takes mica powders (shimmer) and pigment powders to make some fantastic pendants and charms in a snap.  The cured clay is nearly rock hard.

Week 7:  Petit Sterling Rosettes (October 21 or October 24)

Starting with Sterling sheeting you will fabricate a pair of these darling rosettes.  Turn them into earrings or a necklace.  You will be hooked (Everyone has been!) and want to make several pairs for friends.

Are you getting the idea that this 8 week series might be a great way to knock out some high quality hand crafted jewelry items for gifts this year?  That’s the idea!

Week 8: Encaustic Painting with Resin (October 28 or October 31)

What is Encaustic?  Literally it means “burning in”  But in this case, it is a process of laying down color via melted wax and encaustic medium.  You will create a “master sheet” of color and pattern from which you will cut pieces to place in your chosen bezels.  We will cover the mini works of art with a UV curing resin.  The resin will magnify the texture of your piece and enhance the color and design.  Your finished piece(es) will be original works of art worthy of a gallery!

So…as you can imagine, 8 weeks of incredible techniques and finished fine jewelry could break the bank!  Each individual class usually costs at least $50.  Early registration will save you some $$ though.  Sign up for the entire series for only $340*  Pick from 2 time slots

Monday Mornings 10am-Noon


Thursday Evenings 6:30-8:30pm

Class starts the week of September 9 and runs through the week of October 28.  Make up sessions are available with advance notice.

*No additional membership discount on this price

Click below to take advantage of this early bird registration (classes will be up on the calendar to register for individual sessions at regular price)

Mondays 10-Noon $340.00 USDThursdays 6:30-8:30 $340.00 USD

(paypal button isn’t working on the blog…click here to go to the special page on the website that has all the above info and a correct button at the bottom of the page)


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