Art Journaling..spreading the love

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It was such an honor have our submission published in the Summer 2013 issue of Art Journaling Magazine.


It is quite an inspiring issue …I wanted to share just a few links to some of the other artists featured in this issue that inspire me most.

First, the Artist Portfolio featuring Roben-Marie Smith…wowza…her vibrant pages just draw me in…


I mean seriously…gotta love the header on her blog…go check her out (click on the image above to jump over to her blog)…she loves the Gelli Arts printing plate too!!  She inspires me to be much more random and free.


Bebe Butler


I’ve actually been following Bebe’s blog for a while now and was delighted to see her article published directly following ours.  I love her faces…and her tip “Don’t be afraid to create something ugly” is something I’ve started saying to my students too!

Of course I would be remiss to not mention Pam Carriker who had a huge part in our submission in the first place since it was her book “Art at the Speed of Life” we were using as inspiration for our journals.  We covered the “7-day Art Journal” over a 7 week period last fall.  **Side note** We will be doing that again starting in September!  Make sure you are on the mailing list or following this blog to be updated when the book club starts again.

And finally (this is not an exhaustive list…but it is all for today) is Amber Walker.   I love her tip of  “Take photographs of what you love in your everyday life.”  Jumping over to her blog the first thing that caught my eye was this “When I was scrolling through Instagram (which I do a little too frequently, you?)”  I could totally relate as I’m recently completely smitten with Instagram.


Thanks for reading, hope you jump over to these blogs and enjoy some art journaling inspiration today.

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